The Way I See It – The Shadow Commander

Dear Readers, I am reprinting this article from the New Yorker Magazine due to its relevance to, well, everything.  Read this article and you may see why I have been so adamant about the “Iranian Problem.”  The current administration are amateurs playing in a poker game with a pro so good they can’t even tell […]

Last Chance

We have a few Emerson Collectors Association Collectors Knife from 2008. Must be an ECA Member to order.

Stumbling Jack

The Story you are about to read is true to the accounting of Mr. Jack Belvedere, through the translation and transcription of his written journals, firsthand accounts, family history and various other historical sources. Stumblin Jack™ is best known as one of the old west’s finest whiskey distillers.  His famous, and notorious, Gunslingers Whiskey, has woven […]

Happy 4th. Of July.

Although most of us think of the 4th. of July as a time for fun and celebration, lets not forget what we are celebrating. The founding of the grandest experiment and the greatest country in the history of mankind. And always remember the bravery and sacrifice that have secured the freedom and liberty that we […]

For Chris Kyle’s Family

      All Proceeds To Benefit The Family Of Chris Kyle Screw You Jessie Ventura! TO BID SEE: