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Ernest Emerson® is without question one of the most prolific knife designers of all times. His designs have been the most influential force in the cutlery industry for over 20 years, and judging by the impact they've made,they must have been unnamedsome pretty good designs. This causes a problem. Emerson has more designs than he has knives. So we are brining you The Signature Series

In his words, “I have a bank of designs that I've created that would span decades before they ever get built and I'm still creating new designs all the time.”

In order to bring these designs to you, the knife user, Emerson Knives instituted the idea of “The Signature Series.” We are producing 6 of those new designs as “Signature Series” each year so that you will get a chance to own these new, unique, and exciting knife designs. They will be released every two months in extremely limited quantities.

unnamed (2)These special editions will be hand signed on the back of the blade by Ernest Emerson personally, making them even more valuable as special collectible editions. Do not miss a chance to own these pieces of future knife history all personalized by the man who made them possible.

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