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July 4th, 1776, Independence Hall, Philadelphia. A date and a document that changed the world. That’s how important the day July 4th truly is.

Our founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing. They were creating something that had never existed before in the history of Mankind.

And I believe that their creation, The United States of America, along with the Declaration of Independence and the U.S.Constitution and the Federalist Papers represents the epitome of human civilization.

Liberty, Freedom, Justice; They’re the cornerstones of our country and by upholding and defending those ideals, we’ve created the highest and safest standard of living that has ever existed on this planet.

Hell, I’m a result of those ideals. I’m damned grateful and I’ll give my life to protect and preserve them for my children and our future generations.

Drink beer, eat brats, go to the parades and watch the fireworks but please take a moment to reflect on how lucky we truly are and to honor the bravery and daring of those men over 240 years ago that set themselves against the might of the most powerful Empire on the earth to give to us a future of self government, freedom and liberty that we all now enjoy, every day in every way. Say your thanks to them and to all those who have since died to preserve and protect the greatest country of all – The United States of America.

In this time of blaming America for everything “wrong,” what we need to do is educate ourselves and our children about what’s “right” about America and pledge to protect and preserve those precious principles and to never let those ideals, rights and freedoms to ever be unprotected against our enemies whether from within or from the outside. Now go have some brats and beer.


Happy Fourth of July!

God Bless America!


Ernest Emerson

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