The Emerson Phalanx is the next addition in our Signature Series. Each blade is hand-signed and dated by Ernest Emerson. They are also individually serialized underneath the thumb button. Available in both stonewashed and black with plain or partially serrated blades. Don’t miss out on this chance to add another Signature Series to your collection!

Just added- a limited amount of stonewashed blades!

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The Emerson Phalanx: Old world warfare, modern weapon.

“Mention the word Phalanx and the first thing that comes to mind is a picture of Greek hoplite warriors, shields locked facing the opponents, forming a solid wall advancing toward the enemy with 20-foot-long spears bristling out from the front line like the spikes of a deadly porcupine. When used with the discipline of trained soldiers, it was the most effective tactic used on the field of battle at that time; the time of Alexander the Great. It was so powerful and formidable that Alexander used it as his main battle strategy, which enabled him to conquer and create one of the largest empires in human history.

The word Phalanx also describes a modern version of that strategy: a weapon system used on US Naval vessels to protect them from airborne and surface attack. It is basically a multi-barreled Gatling gun capable of firing 20 mm caliber rounds at a firing rate of 4,500 rounds a minute, essentially creating an impenetrable wall of lead, tungsten or depleted uranium capable of literally shredding any missile, boat, or aircraft intent on attacking the ship. And, just like the battle formation of those ancient Greeks, it has proven deadly and effective.

The Emerson Phalanx is just such an effective weapon. Featuring a double-V ground, wickedly effective trailing tanto blade, this knife, housed in a titanium and steel frame with our grip-tite G-10 handle, will handle any situation where a knife is called on to perform, be it as a weapon or a tool.

On patrol, in the office, or on the hunt, the Emerson Phalanx can be depended on to get the job done.”

-Ernest Emerson




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