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Stumbling Jack

The Story you are about to read is true to the accounting of Mr. Jack Belvedere, through the translation and transcription of his written journals, firsthand accounts, family history and various other historical sources. Stumblin Jack™ is best known as one of the old west’s finest whiskey distillers.  His famous, and notorious, Gunslingers Whiskey, has woven […]

Mark Walters & Emerson Knives @ BLADE Show!

Be sure to come visit us at this year’s BLADE Show! There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Knives. Blade Show is the world’s LARGEST knife show and the ultimate event for knife collectors, knife traders, blade buyers, sellers, outdoor enthusiasts, custom knife-makers and just about anyone and everyone involved in the knife business. May 31-June […]

5th Emerson Virtual Knife Show & Auction

The 5th Emerson Virtual Knife Show and Auction  WINNERS WILL BE CONTACTED MONDAY JUNE 10th WINNERS LISTED BELOW  Slim Pike-Richard Katchuk CQC-5 Tarek Mirshak Mini Gypsy Jack-Georgio Quevedo Soiree-Augustine Morales Super A100-James Adams Hatin-Johnathan Kelly Tiger-Jeffery Siggers Dragoon-Vincent Swaans ECS Combat Fighter-Eric Grover CQC-6 Michael Rumohr Centurion-Charlie Gunderson Government Mule A-Daniel Rom Azek Marud-Brady Miller Apex-Don Melerine CQC-10 David […]

The Super Raven

I really like these.  These Super Ravens are a design I’ve been playing with well, for 12 years now.  I’ve never been able to put it down.  So I decided to make it bigger, and viola, the Super Raven.   Check out the “hidden wave” feature.  These are the biggest Ravens ever, the first waved […]


“MY WAY” To help you keep your knife sharp and ready to serve you, I’m going to show you some of the Emerson quick and dirty methods using a couple of different procedures to sharpen your knife. We can’t show all of the fixtures, devices or methods as there are ton of them. Most of […]

AMERICA – Stay Vigilant!

We are losing our collective anger in regard to the war on terror. We live in a world of instant news, instant communications and instant gratification. Our collective attention span has also grown short. Unfortunately our enemies, our real enemies, the ones who want to destroy our country, our culture and our way of life […]


As many of you know I am a strong supporter of the current administration, President Bush, and the recent actions of our military in Afghanistan and Iraq. I believe that we are at the dawn of a new age in world politics and that the decisions that our country makes now will determine the course […]


I am deeply distressed by the 9-11 hearings that are being held in Washington. This congressional hearing seems to be looking for someone to blame the 9-11 terrorist attacks on. If they can’t find legitimate fault with some individual or agency then it would seem that the President will become the scapegoat in the end. […]