The latest Signature Series Model By Ernest R. Emerson- The Scalawag comes hand-signed and numbered by Ernest R. Emerson on the back of the blade.

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The Emerson Signature Series- Scalawag

When a botanist creates a hybrid variety of a plant it is to bring out the best characteristics of the A scalawag is a trickster, an imp, a rascal. He’s the one with a twinkle in his eye and a story to tell.

A scalawag is unpredictable and fun loving and you never know what he’s going to do next. Yet he never crosses the line and you can’t help but like him. Quick witted and humorous, but always faithful, he’s the kind of person everyone wants around – a friend.

He could play a trick on you and just as quickly put up his dukes to defend you if you needed his help.

The Emerson Scalawag is just that knife. With a bit of whimsy showing yet with a serious side just below the surface. If this knife had eyes you’d surely see the twinkle.



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