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There is a good argument to be made that the knife is man's oldest tool. Whether that’s true or not, it certainly is one of man's most useful tools. That cannot be argued. I guess if it weren’t useful we would have stopped using them a couple of million years ago. But we didn't and there is a good reason for that. Starting With the stone knives used by our Neanderthal Ancestors and evolving to modern steel, the need for a good camp knife has never changed.

This is my camp knife and it’s one that still has 1,001 uses in my camp every time I venture forth. The Emerson Hard Use Camp Knife is a modern evolution of mankind's oldest tool and one that is perfectly at home in any camp. Even our caveman ancestors knew the value of a good knife. And so do you. It’s really that simple. So just as man has prepared his camp since the dawn of mankind, know that the Emerson H.U.C.K. will do the tasks you need to do from preparing game or food to just plain old “whittlin.”

So on a cool fall evening while gazing into the cherry embers of a waning fire and contemplating our place in the universe just as countless generations of our forefathers, be confident that at your side you carry a timeless tool, the Emerson HUCK ready as always for any task.

The HUCK comes with a handmade leather sheath. Made in the USA!

Getting To Know Your Blade

Drop Point Spear Point

Spear point blades are also commonly referred to as “drop point.” The top edge curves down or “drops” from the top line to meet the bottom edge which curves up from the bottom line both converging at the center line of the knife to form the “spearpoint.”

anatomy of an emerson knife blade

The flat part of the blade is where the logo and model information will be.

A bevel is where the grind begins and it will continue down toward the bottom of the blade.

The edge is the point at which the blade is sharpened into a 25-30 degree angle to achieve a razor sharpness.

Using the above information, you can now determine what type of blade edge you have.

A standard Emerson Chisel Grind will be completely flat on the back side of the blade. It will have the flat part, move into a bevel and finally into the cutting edge.

An Emerson conventional V-Grind will have the same layout but it will have a bevel on the front and backside. However, this bevel will not be sharpened into a cutting edge. The edge will only be ground on the front side of the blade.

The Emerson Zero Grind will only been seen on handmade Custom Emerson Knives. These hand ground blades skip the bevel completely. They go from the flat surface and dive into the cutting edge, thus giving it a true razor sharp chisel edge.

There are no reviews yet.

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