Emerson Templar Cross Pendant


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The Templar Cross

This beautiful cross is a perfect reproduction of a Knights Templar cross from the 12th century AD. We have cast these authentic reproductions from a cross in my personal collection in renditions of Royal Bronze and solid Silver. This beautiful, historical cross measures .650 in. from top to bottom and is a 100% accurate version of my original piece. The Knights Templars, also called the Knights of Christ, were the first of the orders of Warrior Monks who were formed to protect Christian pilgrims on their visits to the holy sites of Christianity. It was said that one Knights Templar was worth 20 regular soldiers in battle and many times it was proven true. Often times overcoming overwhelming odds in victory for their Christian faith, the faith of the western world, these knights struck fear into the hearts of the muslim armies when facing them in battle. This cross reaches directly back to that time of faith, valor, bravery, and honor.

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