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Some people like things to be all nice and pretty and they strive to keep their things that way, all nice and pretty. I've got that – nothing wrong with that. But then there's the rest of us. I was born and raised on a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin. Never had stuff that was new or pretty, just stuff that worked. Tools and machinery that were handed down sometimes for two or three generations. If something broke down, we fixed it. You could say that I grew up with a lot of stuff that was “beat to hell,” and it was the best. I appreciated every bump, ding, scratch, and dent. If I dropped my grandpa's Estwing hammer on the cement, I didn't need to worry about it.

Those scratches, dings and dents weren't a sign of neglect or misuse. They were a sign of use – hard use, and “Beat to Hell®” was a badge of honor. This is working man's stuff, tough tools for tough men who make their living doing real work and their stuff, their tools, and after a lifetime of hard use, the men themselves get “Beat to Hell®.”

It's a brotherhood of labor, of sweat, grime, blood, and scars from doing the work that most people will never know. Believe me when I tell you that I find great comfort in being around people like that. Believe me because I'm one of them.

These are our grandfathers, our uncles, and our fathers, the ones who believed in themselves and did not wait for someone else to do the job that they could do themselves. Hell, it's that attitude that built this great country for God's sake.

These are “Beat to Hell®” Emerson knives. You don't have to worry about scratching them or messing them up. Hell, they're already scratched. They're beat to hell.

Now don't get me wrong. They're every bit as good as any other Emerson knife, and they come with the same iron clad guarantee. But don't call me up to complain about a nick, a mark, or a scratch on the knife, because I'm going to tell you to put on your big boy pants and quit your bitching. Either these knives are your cup of tea or they're not. If they’re not then don’t even bother. These are working man's knives and they are meant to take it without complaining or whining. That's why they are “Beat to Hell®”.

There's limited quantities of these knives and there's going to be all kinds of different models. Sometimes there might be 20 of this model, three of model X and seven of model Y. I don't know. It just depends on what ones I choose and how many I make. If a knife sells out, there might a few more in a couple of months or they might be gone forever. Depends on what I have on hand and what I want to do. The inventory and models available will be constantly changing. There will be folders and there will be fixed blade knives. Some current models and some that we made years ago. You'll need to keep checking back to see what's currently available on the site.

I've got my share of nicks, scars, and bruises. I may be “Beat to Hell®”, but I still work like a dog every day, just like these knives will work for you.

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