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Why Does My Detent Look Different Than My Other Emersons?

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Please refer to an email from our Operations Director regarding the changes in our detent system:

“What you're seeing in your knife is the “flat side” liner with a detent ball that is pushed down so it's not touching the blade. That is the correct position that it's supposed to be in for that particular model. We are currently transitioning the majority of our knife models to the “spring liner” side detent. However there are a few knives that will still remain with the “flat side” detent.

As we make the transition to the “spring side detent” you will notice that the detent tab on the “flat side” will simply be pushed down, some liners you will see the cut out of the detent tab still there but pushed down without the ball installed and other flat side liners will have no detent tab at all and no ball. Some of our liners are compatible with various knife models and we are trying to universalize certain parts for production reasons. This is why there will some variations depending on the model.”

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