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Emerson Knife Sharpening | How To

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How do I sharpen my Emerson Knife?

Well, first thing's first: We highly recommend you send in your knife to us to take care of the more difficult sharpening styles such as Tanto Points, or models with recurves. All you need to do is send your knife in to us by filling out and printing a Service/Repair Form and mailing both to :

Emerson Knives, Inc.
Attn: Repair
1234 254th Street
Harbor City, CA 90710


Emerson Knife Sharpening:

If you are confident in sharpening yourself, just follow these simple guidelines:

  • All Emerson Knives are sharpened to 25° -30°.
  • Be aware that all Emerson Knives are chisel ground, meaning that that only one side (the logo side) is sharpened, leaving the edge razor-like.
  • Note that some Emerson Knives are beveled to have a conventional V-Grind but they are STILL only sharpened on one side.
  • After sharpening, be sure to strope the edge on a piece of cardboard to give it a nice, smooth finish.

If you sharpen your knife a lot, be aware that the more you sharpen it, the more material is removed. Eventually a blade replacement will be required, which we also have available depending on the model of your knife.

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