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Here is a chance to attend a real Emerson Lottery so that those of you who are not able to attend a knife show in person get an equal chance to purchase an Emerson Custom Hand Made Knife at the Emerson table price, no matter how far away you are.

As in the past, the Lottery participants will be restricted to members of the Emerson Collectors Association. If you are not a member, you will need to join in order to participate in the Lottery

In addition I will be putting up some very special custom creations in the Emerson Auction site which will be running the week leading up to the day of the lottery. There will be some incredibly beautiful and unique creations up for auction

I will be posting photos and descriptions of the knives as I get them finished.

The Auction will be running starting Sunday, July 6th at 12:00 PM Pacific time and finish at 12:00 PM on Sunday, June 13th. CQC-6

The date of the Lottery Show will be Sunday, July 13th at 12:00 PM Pacific time.

Best Regards

Ernest R. Emerson

Times and Dates

Emerson Virtual Knife Show Auction

Auction Starts: Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 1200 hrs Pacific time, U.S.A.

Auction Ends: Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 1200 hrs Pacific Time, U.S.A.

Lottery Starts: Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time, U.S.A.



Auction Rules

1. Minimum Bid increment is $25.00

2. If you win an auction, you must call in your method of payment ie. Credit card, check, etc. 310-539-5633. Credit Card is preferred for quickest delivery. All checks must clear the bank before shipping. *Note for international orders, please see Rule #3.

3. International Orders must be paid by international money order and must clear the bank before the knife is shipped.

4. You are allowed 2 business days from close of bidding to submit your payment, otherwise the knife will go to the next highest bidder.

5. Shipping charges will be additional and determined at time of payment due to the differences in international shipping costs, method of shipping, and value of knife. All California residents will be charged California sales tax.

6. Anti-sniping rules are in effect via auction software. Five (5) minutes will be allowed for last highest bid after the closing time to prevent sniping.


RegisterEmerson Lottery Rules


A lot of time, thought and effort has gone into the creation and hosting of this On-Line Virtual Knife Show Lottery.

As you know, there are many more people interested in obtaining Custom Emerson Knives than I can make. This has led to some “seeding” of our lotteries at shows by some who attempt to up their chance of getting an Dark Knight RoadhouseEmerson Handmade Custom Knife. As you know, the value of an Emerson Knife literally doubles in value the moment it crosses the table from my hands to the new owner at the shows.

In order to prevent this, “seeding” from taking place in our on-line Emerson Custom Knife Lottery and to make this as fair as possible for Emerson Collectors all over the world, we are setting the following rules in place:

1. In order to participate in the lottery you must be a member of the Emerson Collectors Association, the ECA. If you are not a member you would need to join in order to participate. Please click here for information on joining

2. You must include your ECA membership number in order to register for the knives in the on-line lottery.

3. The registration for joining the Emerson Collectors Association will be shut down 48 hours prior to the lottery to prevent a last minute rush to register. Membership will be closed at 1700 hrs Pacific time on Thursday, July 10th, 2014. You must register prior to that time and date in order to participate in the lottery.

4. To all existing members of the ECA; Your name will not automatically be placed into the lottery. You must register for the lottery manually using your ECA number when asked to input,

5. Your name will go into the lottery box once and there will be only one entry per registered person.

6. In order to insure a completely random and fair chance for all entrants, the lottery will proceed as follows; All names will be entered once into the main lottery box for all registered entrants.

7. A second box, (the knife box) will be filled with the names of every knife available in the lottery, one for every knife.

8. We will draw a name from the lottery box and then draw a knife name from the knife box. So, if we draw John Johnson from the lottery box, we will then draw a knife ticket from the knife box and the knife name on that ticket is the one that John Johnson gets from the lottery. This will proceed until there are no more knife tickets left in the box.

9. There will be no alternate names drawn for the lottery knives.

10. If your name is drawn as the winner for any knife model then your name cannot be drawn again and will be removed from the remaining lottery drawings.

Emerson Black Label CommanderMethod of Payment

You must include all your shipping information in your registration. We will not ship to postal boxes so we need a physical address. You will be charged for the knife, shipping and insurance at the value of the knife when sold. California residents will also be charged the current California sales tax.

To protect ourselves against any possible fraud there will be no overnight next day shipping. Allow us 3-5 days to process the order, confirm its validity, and then it will be shipped to you. International Orders must be paid by international money order and must clear the bank before the knife is shipped. Shipping charges will be additional and determined at time of payment due to the differences in international shipping costs, method of shipping, and value of knife.



1) Mario Naval / Mini-Roadhouse
2) Ryan Crombie / El Bandito
3) Christopher Chelko / Bulldog
4) John Gefaell / CQC-7
5) Phillip Asebedo / Gentleman Jim
6) Joseph Higham / CQC-13
7) Jason Crow / Government Mule B
8) Bob Probert / Journeyman
9) Sliz Zdzislaw / Conjurer
10) Don Deckert / Patriot
11) Daniel Flores / Hatin
12) Brian Sakamoto / Emerson Tanto
13) Duane Young / Government Mule A
14) Christopher Osburn / Mach 1
15) John Crombie / Soire
16) Barry Levy / CQC-15
17) Dave Steortz / Half Mate
18) Phillip Mederos / Azek Marud
19) Roy Madere / Tiger
20) Jim Lentine / Horseman (Mini CQC-8)
21) Daniel Brown / Roadhouse Beast
22) Michael Lutton / ETAK b
23) Cody Cardinale / CQC-6
24) Scott Bryant / Zeolot
25) Douglas Abbott / Combat Systems Fighter
26) John Gray / Super Commander
27) Dan Euashachai / Super Roadhouse
28) Brando Vidrine / Persian
29) Eddie Moore / Gypsy Jack
30) Magdalena Huang / A100
31) Scott Bigg / CQC-6
32) Andrew Hakes / Super CQC-7
33) Rick Delmont / Uber Commander
34) Tayor Gestwick / Mini CQC-7
35) Axel Genter / Mini CQC-15
36) Peter Folger / Super A100
37) Greg Hotakov / Roadhouse
38) Brian Tom / CQC-8
39) Daniel Spath / CQC-45
40) Jason Veillon / CQC-11
41) Timothy Kuenstler / CQC-5
42) Matthew Bruehlman / Panzer
43) Joseph Hotakov / Commander


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