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No need to reregister if you have already registered for the Christmas lottery.

Register now to be apart of the Custom Knife Lottery! You must be an ECA Member to register and may only enter ONCE. Please include your ECA Membership number in the Order Notes section of your Lottery Registration so that we may streamline your registration. Forgot your membership number? No problem! Just email us at and we can definitely help you out with that. This is one of the only times per year where you will have a chance to purchase an Emerson Custom Knife directly from us before they hit the secondary market so don't miss out on this opportunity! Handmade Emerson Custom Knives will range from $850 or more. Price increase 2023. Registration is completely free.

*IMPORTANT* In order to prevent last minute entries into the Lottery, we will be shutting off Lottery Registration AND ECA Membership registration at midnight, the Wednesday before the Lottery.

Register now for the 2023 Winter Custom Knife Lottery 03/24/23


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Lottery Registration

How It Works:

  1. If you're not already a member- Join the Emerson Collectors Association to be eligible for Lottery Registration.
  2. Place an order for Lottery Registration (It's Free!)  *Note: If you're a new member then simply state so in your Order Notes upon checkout and we will assign your new number on our end.*
  3. Each member is only allowed ONE entry into the lottery to provide everyone with an equal chance.
  4. The day of the online lottery we will be drawing names followed by a name of an available Custom Knife model. This is the model each person who's name is drawn will have the opportunity to purchase.
  5. We will continue to draw names until we run out of Custom Knives.
  6. If your name is called you may call or email us with your name, ECA # and payment information so that we may complete the purchase.


A lot of time, thought and effort has gone into the creation and hosting of this Online Custom Knife Lottery. As many of you know, there are many more people interested in obtaining Handmade Custom Emerson Knives than he can make. This has led to some “seeding” of our lotteries at Knife Shows by some who attempt to up their chance of getting an Emerson Handmade Custom Knife. As you know, the value of an Emerson Knife literally doubles in value the moment it crosses the table from my hands to the new owner at the shows.

In order to prevent this “seeding” from taking place in our Online Emerson Lottery and to make this as fair as possible for Emerson Collectors all over the world, we are setting the following rules in place:

In order to participate in the lottery you must be a member of the Emerson Collectors Association, or the “ECA”. If you are not a member you would need to join in order to participate.

*IMPORTANT* In order to prevent last minute entries into the Lottery, we will be shutting off Lottery Registration AND ECA Membership registration at midnight, the Wednesday before the Lottery.

Your name will go into the lottery box once and there will be only one entry per registered person.

A second box will be filled with the names of every knife available in the lottery. One name. One knife.

We will draw a name from the lottery box and then draw a knife name from the knife box. So, if we draw John Johnson from the lottery box, we will then draw a knife ticket from the knife box and the knife name on that ticket is the one that John Johnson will have the opportunity to purchase.
This will proceed until there are no more knife tickets left in the box.

There will be no alternate names drawn for the lottery knives.

Method of payment: Payment can be made by Credit Card only. We will email you if your name is chosen. All California residents will be charged California sales tax.

*Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you're name is drawn and you choose not to purchase the knife, YOU WILL BE BLACKLISTED from entering future Emerson Custom Knife Lotteries. Many people join these lotteries with the hopes of being able to purchase one and if you choose not to buy yours- that will be ruining someone else's shot at receiving one had their name been called. Please be considerate of this!

Shipping: We do require that you pay for shipping. All knives will be shipped UPS with Signature Required.

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