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Production Description

Once you become an official member your benefits will include:

  1. An Emerson Certificate with your official membership number entitling you to
    “special” consideration, along with the official ECA T-Shirt.
  2. A 15% off coupon for any Emerson Knife in the Emerson production line catalog.
    This does not include custom knives, custom production knives, Collector Editions,
    special editions, or any non-standard catalog features. Coupon is good for 6
    months from membership signup date and one time use only.
  3. Advanced notification (before the general public) on pending introductions and sale of
    new models, unique items or rare finds such as low serial numbers, or even rare
    discoveries such as we had when we found the “98” Commanders.
  4. First choices of low serial numbers on any new production models that come out
    from Emerson Knives, Inc. and first choices on limited production runs of new or
    experimental models that we are prototyping.
  5. Your chance to own one of the official collector’s knife of the year models.For more information about the Emerson Collectors Association Please Click Here

ECA Membership

starting at $50.00

Earn up to 53 Points.

Membership perks: custom knives, production knives, and all things related to Emerson Knives in general.

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