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Emerson Collectors Association


Membership is $50. (includes free ECA T-Shirt)

Purchase your membership here.

Membership Benefits

Once you become an official member your benefits will include:  An Emerson Certificate with your official membership number entitling you to “special” consideration, along with the official ECA T-Shirt.

A 15% off coupon for any Emerson Knife in the Emerson production line catalog. This does not include custom knives, custom production knives, Collector Editions, special editions, or any non-standard catalog features. Coupon is good for 6 months from membership signup date and one time use only.

Advanced notification (before the general public) on pending introductions and sale of

new models, unique items or rare finds such as low serial numbers, or even rare discoveries such as we had when we found the “98” Commanders.

First choices of low serial numbers on any new production models that come out from Emerson Knives, Inc. and first choices on limited production runs of new or experimental models that we are prototyping.

Your chance to own one of the official collector’s knife of the year models.

In addition to these benefits, we intend this web site to become an online library of information about Emerson Knives both historical and anecdotal. We would like to publish stories, pictures of collections, pictures of unique items, and anything else that may be of interest to the collector’s group.

We would like to ask you to submit articles, stories, myths, legends and photos of your private collections, including personal photos, if you would like.

We intend this to be a very active and interactive web site and are considering letting collectors post notices and photos and knives that they may be offering for sale.

This site is brand new and bare bones but is bound to grow along with the Association. I do not know exactly where it is headed yet and I would like you all to know that we will always try to reflect your wants and needs. Please always feel free to contact us with comments, critiques, and suggestions to build a better site for you.
Thank You,
Ernest R. Emerson

  • Demetrios Pousatis

    I became a member Emerson Knives Collector Association and you did send me a tee-shirt and a coupon.

    Please make sure I am on your email list for all correspondence to members.

    Thank you,

    Demetrios Pousatis

  • Ryan Smoliak

    Hello, I am looking for information regarding the Emerson Super Commander. So far in my research I have found that it was originally released as a production knife in 2003. However, in 2002 Tad and Emerson did a collaboration that resulted in a small number of Super Commanders being released for the first time in 2002 and labeled 2002 on the blade. Now my questions is, is this information correct? If so, wouldn’t those 2002 T.A.D. Super Commanders be worth a great deal as they preceded the original Super Comanders by a full year? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could contact me at rsmoliak@uccs.edu as I have a 2002 Super Commander in Mint condition. It features the T.A.D. logo on the back side of the blade and then designates the year 2002 as the year made and is also numbered, mine is #33. Thank you for your help and I hope to figure this out for sure as if my information is correct the Super Commander that I have is one of a very few that were originally made in 2002 with T.A.D. knives. I am not a huge Emerson collector and I would like this knife to go to a place where it can be appreciated so I am open to all reasonable offers. The knife is also suprisingly in mint condition. I have checked and rechecked my information and the Super Commander was released in 2003, however mine predates that by one year as it was a collaboration with T.A.D. knives. Please tell me if this is all correct and once again I would like this knife to go where it can be appreciated. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from some of the Emerson members and experts on this topic. Sincerely, Ryan


    Wish I could help ya out brother but I have no clue..I only wish I found out about Ernest years ago! Good luck, & let us know the outcome..
    Would love to see a picture..

  • anthony clark

    I have a mini commander and today received my spec war these knives are the best money can buy and customer service is tops as well shout out to Ann she was unable to ship to address I gave her so she atemped to contact me while I was at the gym and continued to until she got in contact with me to get my order out that same day priority mail two thumbs up thank you Ernest for a knife that is all you said it would be and then some and thanks Ann for your persistence on trying to contact me until you succeeded. yours truly a satisfied customer Anthony Clark Salisbury Maryland.

  • Jason

    I just got my Emerson CQC 13 a few days ago and this knife is by far the most bad a** bowie style knife I have ever owned/seen. I just wanted to share how pleased I am with the way this knife is designed and assembled. People can say what they like about Emerson’s fit and finish but I think you guy’s are absolutely top notch tactical knife genius’s!!! If I got granted one wish it wouldn’t be for a million dollar’s or to live forever it would only be that I could meet Mr. Emerson and have the honor of owning one of his hand made knives! Mr. Emerson you are my hero and my role model and a inspiration to me and living proof that in life anything is possible and anyone can do or be anything they desire as long as they have the drive and the dream. You are truly a amazing person and a true patriot its my honor to own a Emerson knife!


    Mr. Stanley

  • Blackslide

    I’ve seen a lot of jaw boning about the Emerson fit and finish. The design, construction, and fit are top notch for production blades. I appreciate the *slightly* less than perfect finish on the liners for example because I don’t feel it’s too ‘pretty’ to use everyday as intended IMHO. If you want ‘pretty’ buy his Collector Editions.

  • Ray

    I am not sure where I go to redeem my 15% off coupon and I’m planning to make a purchase, anyone have any info on this?

    • Megan

      Please email info@emersonknives.com and we will send you a coupon code that you can use online at our site. Thank you!

  • http://whitehouselaw@gmail.com Joel whitehouse

    I have a cqc6 diamond logo w/wave, mint. With papers and box. Never used or carried. Looking for new collector who will appreciate it. This is as good as new in the box.