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Knowledge Destroys Fear – Miraleste Seminar with Ernest Emerson

By April 15, 2015January 19th, 2016Emerson Knives

Thursday April 23rd @ 6:00 P.M.
at the Miraleste Intermediate School Library

Knowledge Destroys Fear
Keys To Surviving Dangerous Events

A Seminar by Ernest Emerson

Knowledge Destroys Fear – Miraleste Seminar with Ernest Emerson. Ernest Emerson, professional instructor, author and keynote speaker has served the U.S. Department of Defense, Intelligence, Military and Law Enforcement communities for over 35 years. Emerson is a highly respected instructor and lecturer on counter-terrorism and human performance in combat and dangerous environments. This is a free seminar and is open to the public.

Topics that will be covered in this program will include:

• The Attributes of Pre-Emptive Self-Defense

• The Predator/Prey Relationship

• The Prerequisites of an Attack and Active Countermeasures

• Understanding the 5 Fears

• Situational Awareness

• Attributes of a Survivor

• The Protocols of Action

• Combat Profiling and The Threat Matrix

• Developing The Warrior Mindset

• Attributes of a Survivor

Don't miss a chance to attend this important Knowledge Destroys Fear – Miraleste Seminar with Ernest Emerson and Rare Local appearance by Ernest Emerson at:

Miraleste Intermediate School Library
Thursday April 23 @ 6:00 PM
29323 Palos Verdes Dr. E. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Contact 310-539-5633
Click here for directions.

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