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It's Last Call For Some Emerson Favorites!

Now's Your Chance To Get Your Hands On That Model You Thought Was Gone.

It's last call for some Emerson models here at the shop and we want you to be able to get your hands on them! Some of these models you may already be on the waitlist to be notified when we do another run- that will remain! Let us be clear- THIS IS NOT A FULL RUN!

Sometimes we have extra numbers of our limited models for emergency situations or  just to have a comfortable cushion in inventory. This however, leaves us with odds & ends of leftover models which never made it to our website for sale. We have very limited numbers of these models and rather than have them sit around on our shelves aging, we'd want you to have the opportunity to get some.


If you are on the waitlist to be notified when these particular models are stocked, you will STILL be on the waitlist because this is not an actual run.


Last Call models will be available and priced ONLINE ONLY on President's Day- Monday February 20th, 2017. Once available, you'll be able to see prices and options for these models. Remember, these are very limited and may or may not be restocked in the future. Why take the risk? Stay posted and good luck!

We are clearing our shelves and it's now LAST CALL!

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