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  • Steve Miller says:

    PS . These last 5 additions including the signature editions and especially they Iron Dragon you hit it right out of the ballpark !! The back story on The Iron Dragon when you told it on vidio at the show was the best yet !!

  • Steve Miller says:

    Ernie,, I have been buying your knives for over 20 years ! II’m a retired Highway Patrolman Officer, And I can honestly say you are a genius and a Patriots ! We have spoken a couple of times before , and are on the same page. I purchased five of your new additions in the last 5 weeks among them a Tiger, a Hatin , CSF. And a rangemaster sheepcdog I’m on the wait list for the Iron Dragon . am an OBS member and just joined the Eemerson collecter Association . It’s an honor to have spoken to a true American !! We couldn’t make to the show due to the fact my wife had open heart surgery not that long ago. She loves your knives as much as I do. especially The Iron Dragon ! ?….God Bless you and the family. Thanks , Steve Miller

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