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Words of Purpose & Intent By Ernest Emerson

I am an author, trainer, and Guardian Shepherd™. I teach and write about
protection, inspiration, and realization. Join me in becoming a Guardian
Shepherd™ for the things that we all hold most dear, family, friends, and freedom.

Introducing my new blog The Guardian Shepherd™ where you will find all kinds of free information related to self defense, fighting, counter terrorism, and personal security and safety.

I’ve been working on this project for over 2 years and there will be more and more and more as I get everything converted to a digital, downloadable format. In the future, there will be seminars, lectures, classes and training routines with videos to purchase, along with a ton of free information and articles.

Right now, I have a free ebook titled “10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Thieves and Burglars” and you can get a copy just by subscribing to the newsletter when you visit

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