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You asked-He Listened

How did the Ernest Emerson Q&A come to be?

A couple months ago we asked our followers and supporters to submit questions they would like see answered. We received overwhelming response through social media outlets and countless emails with tons of fun questions. With that, we compiled a 4-Part video series that was posted to our YouTube Channel.

View the Ernest Emerson Q&A below or visit our YouTube Channel

The Ernest Emerson Q&A | Parts 1-4

Part 1– Where do you see the company in the future?  |  Why the chisel grind?  |  Which of your designs made you realize you were doing something special?  |  What were your childhood aspirations?  |  Drop Point or Tanto?

Part 3– What do you consider a warrior?  |  Who is your favorite historical figure?  |  Can you list all the ‘firsts' that you've done?  |  Why do all your knives look the same?  |  What's your favorite beer or whiskey?

Part 2– What motivates you?  |  What's your favorite movie?  |  If you weren't a knife maker, what would you have done?  |  What's your favorite process of making a knife?  |  What came first: Knife Making or Martial Arts?  |  Did you really work with the Navy Seals?

Part 4– Are there any design ideas that you have that are difficult to produce?  |  Why do people call you sexist?  |  How do you deal with the haters?  |  Annoucement

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