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  1. Shawn

    An outstanding knife!
    I bought a 2008 stamped SOCFK-A when I joined the USAF and it has served me well as an EDC knife for over a decade. It’s black finish is a little beat up after almost daily use, but the knife still functions flawlessly.
    The SOCFK-A remains one of the primary Emerson knives in my EDC rotation.


    my first Emerson was an SOCFK black with serrations and served with me for 9 years including 1 year in Kuwait/Iraq. was ALWAYS on my person where ever i went and was my EDC till i lost it last yer. very sad day and still miss it. Is there anyway to get another one ?? ive purchased 2 CQCC BW but not the same. tried for plain SOFK but can seem to find any. can you help me get one? CQC7 SOFK black tanto w/ serrations

  3. Fortino Alvarez

    Bought the SOCFK used. The blade was dull, missing a washer and some screws. Purchased what i needed to get her back working properly. Sharpened her up and she became my first Emerson folder ( I had and still have a La Griff.) Love the ergonomics and the tanto blade is among my favorites.

  4. Adam Lee

    I’ve carried one of these since 2002. It is an amazing knife!

  5. fletch schubert (verified owner)

    love my Emerson SOCFK-b. My EDC now as it replaced my spyderco paramilitary 2. I use it as a pry-tool and it still stays sharp. However I did not get a shirt. Can I get one Mr. Emerson? 🙂

  6. Johnny

    The SOCFK in black with serrations is my bug-out knife. In a SHTF situation, this CQC-7 blade in the Specwar handle is the ultimate survival knife IMO!

    Get one before it’s too late…

  7. starbomber01 (verified owner)

    Just opened my SOCFK-B. I was immediately in love!! I have a CQC-7BW but the “Emerson Ergonomics” are unreal on this knife. Tapped for left hand carry is flawless and thanks for the shirt!!! Thank you again Mr. Emerson and crew!! Sorry to hear about the recent loss his family is in my prayers.

  8. anthony clark (verified owner)

    Got my socfk last week it is a great knife it combines cqc-7 and spec-war features that make it pretty hard to beat I have 5 Emersons and this is probably my favorite one am actually surprised you discontinued it .


    Can you order this knive ? and if so how much ?

    • Megan

      Click on the select option and select the blade type you prefer and the price will show up and you can add it to you cart.

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