Iron Dragon


The Iron Dragon was developed as a tribute to Ernest Emerson’s mentor, Richard Bustillo, otherwise known as the Iron Dragon. With a titanium locking side and ball-bearings, this blade is a smooth and badass everyday carry that you’ll want by your side.

“If it were not for Richard, I might not be making knives” -Ernest Emerson

*The Iron Dragon cannot be drilled and tapped for left handed carry.*



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The Iron Dragon is one of the only frame-lock folding knives we produce. They are available in both stonewashed and black. Each Iron Dragon comes with Satin Hardware and a Titanium locking bar.

“Richard Bustillo is an original student of Bruce Lee. Richard Bustillo was the partner of Dan Inosanto who brought both Bruce Lee's Art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and Filipino Martial Arts to the world. Richard Bustillo was my teacher. He is my mentor. He is my friend. Richard Bustillo is “The Iron Dragon.”

If it were not for Richard, I might not be making knives, because he gave me his Bali Song knife so I could make one of my own – and it was the first knife I ever made. Richard taught me how to take a punch and how to throw one. Richard Bustillo is a good man, fair, honest, and an inspiration to me and the thousands of others he has instructed, coached and guided over the years. He truly is one of the most talented and influential martial artists of all time. Known to those in the Martial Arts community as “The Iron Dragon,” I designed this knife as a tribute to him. It is a true fighter with a tactical edge that places it squarely in both worlds. The Iron Dragon is quick, graceful and deadly, just like Richard Bustillo – the real “Iron Dragon.” ”

-Ernest Emerson


Knife cannot be drilled and tapped for left hand carry****


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  1. Jeremy Nadeau

    Ive been searching for a new tactical folder. From a professional standpoint I’ve owned every brand you can think of. Which means I’ve handled a lot of knives. Well my search for a new folder has come to an end. As soon as I handled the Iron Dragon I instantly knew she was coming home with me. What an incredibly smooth action this folder has. We won’t even discuss how dangerously attractive she is. Well done Emerson.


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