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The Emerson Barracuda

The Emerson Barracuda features a 4.9 inch G-10 handle that is shared with the beloved Emerson CQC-14. The Barracuda, however, features a 3.7 inch Tanto blade that almost looks rounded to the untrained eye. This run of knives features both black and stonewashed blades that are hand-signed and numbered on the back by Ernest Emerson. The perfect addition to your Emerson collection! Don't miss out, they are only available while supplies last.

“The Emerson Barracuda is the latest in our Signature Series line. It is a blend of sleek, smooth power in a perfect size capable of outperforming the duties of most conventional, comparable knife designs. Living up to its namesake, the open ocean apex predator and game fish, the barracuda, delivers on its promise. That is the promise of all Emerson Knives to always be there when you need it, to give you long years of faithful service, and to be the best design and build that I am capable of creating.”

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1 review for Barracuda

  1. Robert Frost (verified owner)

    Sweet v-grind tanto blade, and comfortable handle. The blade does remind one of a barracuda too! My tiniest complaint is that it is fairly wide when closed, so it takes up a larger chunk of my pocket. Otherwise, great knife and one that gets carried often.

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