La Griffe

12 customer reviews


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La Griffe

12 customer reviews



Earn 141 Rewards Points When You Order This Item.


The Emerson La Griffe is as cool as it gets. It is as simple, bare and to the point as one can design a knife. It stays true to its name and serves as your very own claw in the case of an emergency.  Featuring a small but sturdy blade and a finger hole perfect for holding it in a comfortable grip. Universally loved and used in both the tactical fields and the outdoor fields (figuratively and literally). Included with each La Griffe is a neck chain attached to a sheath built by Blade-Tech that can be attached with screws (not included) to a belt clip to offer more carrying methods.

The Emerson version of the La Griffe is used outdoors, in the office, carried in purses, car glove boxes etc. The list goes on and on. With such a small everyday carry, you can see why it's so loved.

About Fred Perrin

The La Griffe (claw) comes from Europe. Designed noted French knife maker Fredric Perrin. We are proud to support Mr. Fred Perrin, a veteran of the French Army and expert in survival under extreme conditions.

Mr. Fred Perrin is one of the world’s premiere “real world” fighting instructors. He comes from a diverse background of French Military Special Forces service and a life long study of martial arts and weapons systems.

Getting To Know Your Blade

The Claw

The La Griffe blade is a claw shaped curve with the edge leading downward to a point just below the center line.

anatomy of an emerson knife blade

The flat part of the blade is where the logo and model information will be.

A bevel is where the grind begins and it will continue down toward the bottom of the blade.

The edge is the point at which the blade is sharpened into a 25-30 degree angle to achieve a razor sharpness.

Using the above information, you can now determine what type of blade edge you have.

A standard Emerson Chisel Grind will be completely flat on the back side of the blade. It will have the flat part, move into a bevel and finally into the cutting edge.

An Emerson conventional V-Grind will have the same layout but it will have a bevel on the front and backside. However, this bevel will not be sharpened into a cutting edge. The edge will only be ground on the front side of the blade.

The Emerson Zero Grind will only been seen on handmade Custom Emerson Knives. These hand ground blades skip the bevel completely. They go from the flat surface and dive into the cutting edge, thus giving it a true razor sharp chisel edge.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Material & Grind
HandlesNo Handle
GrindChisel Grind
Overall Length4.9 in.
Blade Length1.75 in.
Blade Thickness.125 in.
Weight1.5 oz.

12 reviews for La Griffe

  1. William Williams (verified owner)

    Great knife, basically turns a small woman into a Velociraptor.


    I recommend this knife.

  3. Brian Williams (verified owner)

  4. dkleiner1 (verified owner)

    This is a great PD knife to carry when running or whenever you think you need some backup. It is comfortable to hold and razor sharp. If you can get this in your hands when you need it, there is a lot you can do with it and you want have to change your hands up much at all from a normal fighting stance. The one thing I wish is that a trainer were available as you need to be very sure of your grip pulling it from the sheath: the direction matters and you want your thumb instantly ready on the back of the curved blade, not on the front! The more practice you get the more certain you will be just by touch. The sheath is directional, but of you wear it on a chain, it can still be flipped around if you aren't paying attention, especially if you are fumbling under your shirt.

  5. Julian Bradford

    Solid, sharp as a mother-in-law's tongue, handy & easy to conceal (try putting it into the wide end of a necktie and duct tape in place). Outstanding last-ditch defensive tool!

  6. Michael Shurgalla

    A fantastic little fixed blade that is great for pull cutting or slashing. It is extremely comfortable in both forward or reverse grip. dues to its size and shape, once it is in your grip it will never leave it. Perfect for self defense or even edc for cutting hay bails or mooring lines it tucks away nicely in a waistband or watch pocket.

  7. James DiBella (verified owner)

    Just recently purchased my first La Griffe. I like that it's so lightweight. I opted to do a paracord wrap on the handle to make it grip better in my hand. Completely revolutionized the knife. I am not particular to neck carry so I looped some cord around the holes in the sheath so now it can be worn on my belt. I know I can depend on that La Griffe if I need to. I don't feel right when I leave my house and it's not on my belt. Quick deployment and secure in the hand it really drives confidence into you. I like the knife and I don't plan on selling it anytime soon. These are frequent fliers so get one while you can!

  8. Tierney K.

    I love this little knife! I recommend this knife to all my law-enforcement friends. It’s a great back up to a back up;) Small, light, and very thin easy to mount anywhere on your gear.

  9. mountain4x4tacoma

    The Lagriffe is the knife I carry with me every time I go walking/hiking, backpacking or camping.
    The chain is lightweight and discreet and underneath my t-shirt it's not visible. The finger hole makes it feel like a raptor claw! Love this little guy!

  10. 308ebr (verified owner)

    The La Griffe is a great addition to my collection. Solid, feels good in my hand. Paired with my spearpoint Sheepdog, a lethal combination.

  11. john

    Very pleased with the Lagriffe. I wish everyone would watch Ernie Emerson ‘s Youtube video (lagriffe seires 9) he tells it all. I will be ordering another one for sure. And not to forget fred perrin thank you both.

  12. Estryll Throckmorton

    This is the best simple utility knife, “private” sense of security and piece of jewelry that I've ever owned.
    It is one amazing piece of tiny metal.
    I cannot say enough about how this little creature tears with incredible tightness of grip.
    God Bless Mr. Fred La Griffe and Ernie Emerson for their collective talents.
    Btw, the Super Karambit probably can't be matched as the world's best tactical folder.
    (Off topic, I get it.)
    Emerson Knives is the finest, hands down.
    ..Just sayin..

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