EDC-1 Multitool

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EDC Multitool Emerson Micro Commander style knife blade with Wave Feature (D2 steel, PVD coated).

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EDC Multitool
Emerson Micro Commander style knife blade with Wave Feature (D2 steel, PVD coated),

plain edge or partially serrated Standard screwdriver (90/180 degree stops)
Phillips screwdriver (90/180 degree stops)
Detachable prytool with bottle opener + dual gatorwrench cutouts
(STD + METRIC) STD: 1/4″, 5/16″ 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″
METRIC: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Both screwdrivers for the EDC-1 multitool utilize a compact,
patent-pending “toggle lock”; it has stops at 90 and 180 degrees, and the lockout toggle can be easily accessed even when wearing gloves.

This product is designed and spec'ed by Ernest R. Emerson and produced by the Multitasker multitool company.

4 reviews for EDC-1 Multitool

  1. Neil Baker

    I would like to have seen a file on one of the screwdrivers and make the wave feature optional. The wave feature can be somewhat in the way and can be a little tricky to get use to having on your knife. Pliers would be a nice addition but I understand why it’s not included. Other than those comments, I like the knife and have made it my every day carry when I have my Leatherman PS4 in the other pocket.

  2. peter (verified owner)

    This tool is great and the micro commander holds a very, very, very sharp edge. However, I wish there was a small pair of scissors , pliers, or wire cutters.

  3. ADAM

    I love this tool, I only wish it had the pliers because there very handy to have while I’m fishing….Other than that hands down the best that I’ve owned.., and the best on the market! Goes great with my Journeyman…
    Thanks to everyone at the Emerson Co.
    Cartersville, GA

  4. Lucien

    This tool is very well made and sensible. The locking blades on the screwdrivers are exceptionally handy. The awl also has a locking blade. How many times have you had the screwdriver or awl on a SAK close on your fingers? Many times for me! Doesn’t happen with this tool. Also, most multi-tools have the screwdriver and plier incorporated into the same tool. You can’t use both at the same time; no holding a nut with the pliers as you turn the bolt with the screwdriver. This tool eliminates the problem with the detachable wrench. I put together a new BBQ with this tool, just to see if I could. It might have been easier with a full tool set, but the job was done with your multi-tool.

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