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Veteran’s Day

By November 8, 2022Blog, Emerson Blog Project, News

Veteran's Day

Thank you for your service. 

How many times have you heard that said? How many times have you said those words yourself? That simple statement is now so overused that it's become as hollow as when someone asks you how you're doing, but doesn't really want to know or even care about how you're really doing.

Thank you for your service. Sure, you should thank a veteran for their service – we all should. But that's not enough for someone who willingly subtracted years out of their life to serve and defend our freedom, our sovereignty, and our way of life, often at the great risk of personal harm and safety, which they accepted as a part and risk of their duty. And many – way too many – made the ultimate sacrifice. How do we thank them?

Thank you for your service. Actions speak louder than words. Words only state intentions – actions prove intentions.

Do you really want to thank them for their service? Do you really want to thank those who suffer lifelong injuries, and honor those who have fallen?

Then get off your lazy rear end and donate some of your precious time. Stop and really talk to a vet. Volunteer to go to a VA hospital and meet and comfort some of those who you will never see in the checkout line at a Home Depot. Volunteer to man a suicide hotline. Donate some of your hard-earned money to any one of the many legitimate (not Wounded Warrior) organizations actually helping our veterans deal with the aftermath of combat.

Find out, support, and vote for candidates that are going to work on issues facing every service member. Better pay, better medical treatment, better support programs.

Do you really want to thank a vet? Words aren't enough. Do something. They gave years away. You can give a few hours a week or month away. That's only a small sacrifice by comparison. Yes, veterans need our thanks, but they need our support and our help. That's how you thank a veteran for their service. 

God bless all our veterans and pray that they all return home safely to their loved ones and families.

God Bless America

Ernest Emerson


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    Hi… are the A100 mini’s available in the canvas micarta tan or brown?? Photo shows it, but didn’t see the option for ordering.

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