Introducing my new blog The Guardian Shepherd™ where you will find all kinds of free information related to self defense, fighting, counter terrorism, and personal security and safety.

I've been working on this project for over 2 years and there will be more and more and more as I get everything converted to a digital, downloadable format. In the future, there will be seminars, lectures, classes and training routines with videos to purchase, along with a ton of free information and articles.

Right now, I have a free ebook titled “10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Thieves and Burglars” and you can get a copy just by subscribing to the newsletter when you visit

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Personal Security and Safety at Home
There are two basic fundamental principles to acknowledge, accept, and abide by in regard to personal safety and security in your home. The first is this: If a truly determined bad guy wants to get into your house they will find a way in.  Just don’t make it too easy for him. And the second principle is this: You never want to get into an armed or unarmed confrontation inside of your home if it
can be avoided. It is the last thing on the long list of decisions and choices you should be making. Lots of really bad things happen to really good people at the hands of bad guys inside their own house. Remember you have one objective, your safety and the safety of your loved ones and it is the only thing that matters. Do nothing to compromise that fact. Ever! That’s your goal and your mission and you cannot waver or deviate from that mission until the all clear signal has been sounded. To see more go to Personal Security and Safety at Home


  • Obi Beretti says:

    I have purchased the seven strategies of hand-to-hand combat, very pleased with it. I use to read it then practice about, think and meditate on. I am building a new human being up. Thanks Mr Emerson keep the fine work!

  • Derek Conley says:

    The 7 strategies of hand to hand combat really makes me want to train all day everyday! Thanks! Being prior military I really miss the training. Any recommendations where a civilian can get some good training? Keep up the great work!

  • John Hazen says:

    I want to get two of your books – how can Inorder them?

    I just read The 7 Strategies of Hand-to-Hand Combat. It was excellent!

    • Admin says:

      Hi! Thanks for your message. Please go to to view the books available. Thank you!

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