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Stand By Our Friends

By February 13, 2013November 7th, 2013Blog, Emerson Blog Project, The Way I See It

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to write.  But, here I go Montana

Good for the Israelis.  I can’t imagine any other country waiting so long to retaliate for ongoing relentless attacks against their country and their people. I’m not going to go off on a historical review of Gaza. What I’m going to do is give you my opinion and my view of the current situation.

  1. Israel exists in the middle of a circle of neighbors whose cultural ideologies, governments and even religion are all aligned to force the destruction of Israel.  It would be as if all of Europe hated the Swiss and swore to destroy Switzerland.  All in all, a tough spot to be in.
  2. Israel has prospered in a region where there are no appreciable natural resources and no oil reserves to fund their existence.  Yet, they are the most prosperous, have the highest standard of living, highest levels of education and enjoy a modern, flourishing 21st Century culture.  Their neighbors languish in poverty and day to day existence within mere shouting distance of Israel.
  3. Israel is a democracy in a sea of tyrannical, theocracies, oppressive regimes and dictatorships.  It was the only country in all of the Middle East where an Arab could vote in free elections.  Arabs that live in Israel enjoy freedoms, liberties and protection not found in their own Arab countries.
  4. Israel tolerates the religions of other cultures, even those whose religions call for destruction of the state of Israel.  Although all Arab countries claim that the religion of Islam tolerates and accepts all other religions, it is not so.  Even a brief (objective) study of Islam, the Koran, Sharia law or existing Arab, political/theocratic governments proves this to be completely false.  It is only Islamic apologists and the massive, international, Muslim propaganda machine that attempts to propagate this myth.  Being an Arab in the Jewish state of Israel is one thing, but being a Jew in an Arab country is a different story indeed.
  5. Israel is always under a constant state of attack whether it is at home or around the world, be it Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas, or any number of other terrorist groups.  Israel and its people are the targets of Islamic fanatics, terrorist governments, terrorist organizations, individual terrorists and in a political sense it appears, most of the countries that are members of the United Nations.  Yet, Israel is always characterized as the bad guy even when they are the victims.  Once again, even a brief review of Arab/Middle Eastern history reveals that the Arab countries have never been at peace with each other.  It has been said that “If Israel did not exist the Arabs would have to create it, in order to keep from destroying each other.”  Israel is their scapegoat and they use Israel to divert attention from their own oppressive regimes by blaming everything on them.
  6. The poor state of the Palestinian population is caused by the Israelis.  What?  None of the Muslim/Arab countries want the Palestinians.  They won’t help them, they won’t accept them as immigrants to their own countries.  They (Palestinians) are in fact, regarded as the lowest class of Arab society, right above Jews and Christians.  Why is there such an outcry to the rest of the world to help the Palestinian poor (they are very poor indeed) when some of the richest countries in the world, (brother Muslim Countries) don’t give them a dime?  It’s because they can then continue to blame the plight of the “suffering Palestinians” on the Israelis.  I guess they do offer some aid; bombs, rockets, and RPG’s.  Try feeding that to a starving baby.  Israel has given more aid to the Palestinians than all the governments that promise them instant Martyrdom if they just go out and kill themselves along with a Jew.
  7. When you negotiate with terrorists you can be sure of one thing.  If they are talking, they are lying.  Israel knows this.  Yet the rest of the world continually insists that Israel negotiate truces, treaties and cease fires with groups sworn to its very destruction.  It is taught in the Koran that is acceptable to agree to lies in negotiating with the enemy in order to save yourself, as long as you use it to better your position for the ultimate destruction of your enemy.  Within hours of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 the rocket attacks started.
  8. Israel loses no matter what happens.  Israel is fighting a conflict in a way no other country has ever done.  In an almost absurd effort to avoid innocent/non-combatant casualties, the Israeli military, blankets cell phone messages, radio broadcasts, loudspeaker announcements and drops leaflets on areas about to be attacked.  This is to give non-combatants time to evacuate.  This is unprecedented in warfare.  However, since Hamas and the entire Muslim propaganda apparatus knows that every woman or child injured or killed is front page news worldwide, they use Mosques, schools, hospitals and orphanages as launching areas for attacks and storage of weapons.  Now matter how hard they try, this makes it impossible for the Israelis to avoid non-combatant casualties.  It always comes down to the Big Bad Israeli Army attacks the poor primitively armed victim.  We’ll let me say this, 19 assholes with box cutters killed more Americans in one day than the entire Japanese Navy and Air Force did when they attacked Pearl Harbor.

Israel represents and stands for the very same principles that this country is based on; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It is imperative that we stand with them against an enemy that would deny them the same ideals that we cherish so dearly.

We can learn from Israel.  We can be inspired by Israel and we should support Israel in their struggle against the myriad of enemies that she faces now and in the future.

No matter what the media, or the liberal intelligentsia says, the real truth is that we are involved in a clash of civilizations and it is a struggle for our way of life.  The enemy makes no secret of this.  How can there be those among us who deny it?

I am reminded of what I was once told.  “Touch me and I will bruise your flesh.  Bruise my flesh and I will break your bones.  Break my bones and I will take your life.”

Ernest Emerson
Jan. 8, 2009


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