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New: New Limited Edition Runs Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives, Inc. is proud to announce new exclusive “Special” knives. These models will only be produced in runs of 120 units or less and will be available direct from Specialonly. Once these “Special” models are sold out they will no longer be available.  We will be announcing them to the Emerson Collectors Association first and the general public soon after.

A new “Special” run will be announced every other month and will be available until they are sold out.

The Second “Special Run” : The Tiger

Tiger (9)The Tiger is the Apex predator of his domain. Wherever he is found he occupies the dominant position in the food chain. He really is, “King of the Jungle.” If a Tiger was a fighter he would be the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World  and the UFC Heavyweight Champion rolled into one.

Tigers are all about power, speed and stealth and they are the masters of each, being fully capable of taking down 1600 pound water buffaloes if they decide to. The Emerson tiger knife is also an Apex predator. It is a purebred fighting knife featuring a razor sharp trailing point fighting blade wed to a serious self defense handle style culminating in legendary “Emerson Ergonomics” making it a knife that anyone, soldier or civilian could count on in a life threatening or emergency situation.

Handles: Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate, Lock: Aerospace grade Titanium, Blade: 154 CM Finish; Stonewashed Grind: V-Grind

Overall Length 9.0 in. Blade Length 3.9 in. Blade Thickness .125 in. Hardness 57-59 RCModel



The First “Special Run” : The Zealot


The Zealots were a radical Jewish sect that existed before and during the time of Christ at a time of Roman occupation. Although all of the Jews despised the yoke of Roman rule, they were subjugated by occupation and the use of force having to live under the rule of a Roman boot. However, the Zealots were not like the rest. They set out to disrupt, fight and kill their Roman masters at every opportunity.

They were fanatics about their cause- freedom, and they were willing to die for it. The word Zealous and the noun Zealot have come to describe an unbending will that will never be broken by aggression or oppression.

The Emerson Zealot is a knife that epitomizes that ideal. With a definite fighting flair, the blade features an aggressive front end and a pronounced Zealotfinger choil in the blade, forward of the bolster, for delicate cutting chores. The super ergonomic handle is of course, comfortable and tactical in any grip-an Emerson trademark.

The Emerson Zealot has an old world look expressed in modern technology. I just wonder how many Roman Guards would have been dispatched had the original Zealots been carrying this Emerson Knife.

Handles: Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate, Lock: Aerospace grade Titanium, Blade: 154 CM Finish; Stonewashed Grind: V-Grind

Overall Length 9.1 in. Blade Length 4.0 in. Blade Thickness .125 in. Hardness 57-59 RC



You can View the New Limited Edition Runs Emerson Knives HERE


The next “Special” run will be announced shortly and will be available for pre order.

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