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It Was Terror

By February 13, 2013November 7th, 2013Blog, The Way I See It

I am not politically correct.  I refuse to be intimidated.  I am not scared of Islam, Muslims, or any other group that exists on this earth.  It was an act of terror and he was a Muslim.  Are they related?  You’re damn right they are.  And I don’t need all the facts to be in.  Knowing what shoe he tied first is just a smokescreen to hope this all goes away as quietly as possible.

This is the way I see it.

  1. He was a Muslim
  2. He was constant in his opposition against the US and the Military actions in Muslim countries – against fellow Muslims.
  3. He glorified the ideal of suicide bombers.
  4. He has been listening to the sermons of one of the most radical clerics of Islamic Fundamentalism via the internet in Yemen.
  5. He tried to contact Al Qaeda.   Two things here; If he’d gotten through do you think they would have told him to stand down?  2nd  If I’d tried to call Heinrich Himmler during World War II would I have been consorting with the enemy?  And what was the purpose of such a call.  Does anyone believe that he was going to counsel Al Qaeda leaders to be kinder and gentler or was he looking for advice or affirmation?  You tell me.
  6. He was shouting Allah Akbar as he killed those innocent soldiers.  Where have we seen and heard that before?
  7. If this was because he was despondent about being deployed why didn’t he just shut himself in a room and blow his own brains out?  Maybe AWOL would have been a bettercowards choice.  He was going to commit suicide.  Suicide by cop at least.  He knew there was no way he was going to escape.  So it was an act of Jihadist terror to kill infidels, moreover, the infidel soldiers so he could become a martyr in his death.  It just didn’t quite have the finish he was seeking.
  8. Whether he acted alone or not does not matter to me.  It doesn’t matter if there was not one single other person involved in his act.  He was driven by his Islamic faith and by the glory and honor given to terrorists around the world by radical Islam time and time again.  We can call a guy who burns a bunch of cars in a parking lot an eco-terrorist.  We can call someone who kills an abortion doctor a religious terrorist.  We can call a drug cartel assassin a Narco-terrorist.  Yet, someone in Washington is scared to death to put the words Muslim and terrorist in the same room let alone in the same sentence.

It’s time this administration man up.  It’s time for this administration to accept responsibility.  It’s time for this administration to admit that it happened on their watch.

Nidel Malik Hasan was a terrorist.

Nidal Malik Hasan committed a cowardly terrorist act.

It was a Muslim Terrorist Act.

These soldiers, these Americans who were killed and wounded deserve the truth.  Anything less is a dishonor to their memory.

Ernest Emerson
November 10, 2009

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