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Ernest Emerson is currently working on the custom, handmade Emerson Battle Axe to bring along with him to the 2017 Blade Show in Atlanta. So far, he has announced two types- The Tactical Axe and the Wooden Axe made from the very same George Washington wood gathered from his farm.

Progress Vlogs


Features & Specs

Axe Material: Solid CPM-S7 Body

Weight: Large 32 oz. / XL 34 oz.

Handle: Black Grip-Tite G-10 / Wood from George Washington's Mt. Vernon Home

Finish: Combat Grey Cerakote Ceramic

Emerson Knives Battle Axe

Overall Length: Large 12.6 in. / XL 13.8 in.

Head Width: 5.2 in.

Head Thickness: .375 in.

Hardness: RC 57

The complete Battle Axe prototypes are slated to be showcased at the 2017 Blade Show by Ernest Emerson. These handmade creations were designed and and hand made by Mr. E, himself.

Emerson Knives Battle Axe
Emerson Battle Axe

The tactical versions feature textured G-10 Handles to be followed by wood-handled versions featuring the wood from George Washington's farm

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