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 I am doing a class in Minneapolis on October 19th and 20th, 2013 at SEALED MINDSET.  This class will be Phase II Intermediate and Phase III Advanced Edged Weapons training.  Anyone may attend the Phase II class but in order to attend the Phase III class you must attend the Phase II class as a prerequisite.

The Phase II class is geared toward the defensive use of a knife as a weapon.  The Phase III class is geared toward the offensive use of a knife as a weapon.  I will also be covering a great deal of subject matter in regard to Counter-Terrorist training.  No one else offers a class like this one and I have only taught the subject matter in the DoD Black course.  In lieu of recent world events you should attend.  Contact SEALED MINDSET for all info regarding vetting, costs, and logistics.

In order to fight with a knife – you have to learn how to fight.

My Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson
P.S. Class coming up in November at the Black Shamrock Training Academy in November.  Stay tuned for more info.



  • anthony clark says:

    Will u be offering this class again anytime soon and if so where at ?

  • Brian Shorten says:

    I had the opportunity to attend both days of this class and the training was phenomenal. Mr. Emerson did a great job of covering both defensive and offensive knife usage and the mental and physical aspects of engaging in combat with another human being. At no point did I feel that my time was being wasted or that we were covering something that was not important. I would recommend that if the opportunity comes up to take a class with Mr. Emerson to take full advantage of it, it’s well worth the time and will add a solid block of learning and ability.

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