Retirement of Viper Series

“I am announcing the retirement of the Viper series of Emerson custom knives also called the MV Line.  Those knives are the: MV1, MV2, MV3, MV4, and MV5 models.  They were my first hard use, hand finish versions of Tactical’s I built over 25 years ago.  I have so many more new designs that in order to make room for them I had to “Thin the herd.”  They were all great knife designs and I built the foundations of my Tactical career upon them.  I am sorry to see them go but I am not going to be building anymore of them”.
- Ernest R. Emerson


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  1. aj belanger jr November 7, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

    what is left and what is the cost?

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