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2013 Emerson Knives Pumpkin Carving contest


1st Place Winner gets a CQC-8 BT a $263.95 Value  http://emersonknives.com/shop/cqc-8/cqc-8-sf/#!prettyPhoto

2nd Place Winner gets an Emerson Sugar skull shirt http://emersonknives.com/shop/apparel/sugar-skull-t/#!prettyPhoto

-The pumpkin must be a hand carved real live pumpkin.
-Design must be Emerson Knives, Inc. themed
-Pumpkins cannot be painted or have any decorations attached to the pumpkin
-Post photo of your pumpkin to Emerson Knives, Inc. Facebook page wall https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emerson-Knives-Inc/334959846437 or event page  https://www.facebook.com/events/236176426537047/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular or email it to info@emersonknives.com
-The Emerson family will judge all of the submissions on October 30th at Noon PST.

  • Megan

    We love seeing everyone’s carved pumpkins!!! Can’t wait to start getting submissions.

  • ADAM

    Heck, I don’t have a FB acct. :(

  • C.H

    What are the specifications for no “decorations”?

    • Megan

      Carving only. :-) Good Luck!

  • bwframe

    Great contest. Wish I could participate, but I’m not a Facebooker.

  • rachel

    When you say hand carved, does that include the use of a dremel tool? Or does it need to be strictly by hand? TIA

    • Megan

      You can use hand tools such as dremel.

  • http://Dragoncutlsg.com DragonCut

    Time to sharpen up the carving tools.

  • Scott “LZ” Bigg

    I’m using my Ghost 6…

    • Angolcynn

      Atta boy, Scott!