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Design of the new ETAK Model with Ernest Emerson.


  1. bloodofpatriots

    (verified owner):

    It may be new, but it’s my favorite Emerson already. I immediately ordered another one as a backup as soon as I got it out of the box. I was a little worried about the handle when I bought it but was pleasantly surprised with the fit and feel. Went with the tanto out of personal preference. Simply put, In my opinion, one of the best designed Emerson’s ever.

  2. David Mahoney

    (verified owner):

    On a scale one to ten I give the blade a 10 plus !
    One of the best tactical tanto blade ever
    The handle I give it a seven , I have 10 emerson knives all of them, the handle and blade come together as one they just feel right . I’m getting used to it
    It’s been my EDC since receiving it and I would highly recommend it

  3. theantilife

    (verified owner):

    I’ve always avoided Tanto’s because they usually have poor tip control for utility tasks , and I’ve had difficulty keeping the blade shape after a lot of sharpening.

    But I am super happy with this guy! This tanto shape is more like the shape of a traditional katana blade tip. Since the tip is more in line with the center of the blade instead of the back, there is much more utility control.

    This and the CQC-8 are my favorite Emerson models.

  4. morbidkali


    Couldn’t say it any better than the Ones above. I have both the A nd B model. Love the V-grind more like a Japanese sword tip ETAK. Handle fits my hand perfectly. May be replacing my CQC-13 as most carried blade!!

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