Mini CQC-8 | Horseman

20 customer reviews

Every working man knows the value of the tools of his trade. Every working man knows the timeless value of a good workman's knife. The Horseman is a timeless tool every working man should have at hand.  Available in Stonewash or Thunderstorm Finish

Utility – Camping – Hunting

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Mini CQC-8 | Horseman

20 customer reviews

Every working man knows the value of the tools of his trade. Every working man knows the timeless value of a good workman's knife. The Horseman is a timeless tool every working man should have at hand.  Available in Stonewash or Thunderstorm Finish

Utility – Camping – Hunting

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Earn 248 Rewards Points When You Order This Item.


The Mini CQC-8 | Horseman

The Emerson Mini CQC-8, also known as the Emerson Horseman knife, is essentially our classic CQC-8 but shrunken down a bit. It has a full inch taken off the standard size, with a half an inch coming off the handle length and a half an inch off the blade length. The Mini CQC-8 features a handle design perfect for a comfortable forward and reverse grip. The handles have a finger guard preventing your finger from slipping forward onto the cutting edge when in use. The Mini CQC-8 features a simple, yet attractive upswept blade paired with our patented Emerson Wave Feature. The Mini version is a favorite among our employees for the simple reason of being portable and simple.


Anatomy of an Emerson Knife


An important part of knowing the anatomy of an Emerson Knife is knowing how to utilize it. Using the  patented Emerson Wave Feature correctly, you can deploy the knife out of pocket rapidly. It takes some practice to master. See how it's done in the video above.


The Sabre shape is a blade that arcs upward in a long continuous arc placing the point above the center line of the knife.

Standoff Spacers have been standard on all Emerson Knife models since 2014. Any knife ordered from our site from that year will receive one of these models.

Anatomy of an Emerson Knife Lanyard

Lanyard Holes serve one purpose: attaching a paracord lanyard if you choose to get one. We get asked that question quite a lot!

The Thumb Button is there so that you may open the knife single handedly . Specifically with your thumb. Some people are naturals at it and some have to learn. Either way, it's very useful.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Material & Grind
GrindConventional V-Grind w/ Chisel Edge
Overall Length8.35 in.
Blade Length3.4 in.
Blade Thickness.125 in.
Weight4 oz.

20 reviews for Mini CQC-8 | Horseman

  1. Serge

    My first Emerson was an CQC8 sometime in 2013-14 when a batch was delivered to a local shop. All were quickly sold out and I took 8 as it was the last one, just because of the interest. The knife is first class, I used it without problems until last year, when it was stolen from me along with other things. Then I decided to try the mini version. It also fits well in the hand and is just as comfortable to use. I would add a thicker frame lock (although the standard one never let me down, just a feeling) and bronze washers with grease traps (hello sebenza), purely for a smoother opening, I still prefer standard PTFE for work =)

  2. Yvonne Heuston (verified owner)

    Use this constantly on the ranch where I work. Lost my first one gathering cows and missed it so much I bought a second right away. Exellent knife!!

  3. Jonathan

    This is probably the Emerson I carry the most. The blade shape is very useful. The handle is very comfy.I carried thsi knife everyday for years and it never let me down. The only reason I don't carry that much anymore is because Ernie keeps coming out with new models.

  4. Chris Martin (verified owner)

    I resisted buying a Horseman for a long time. I didn't think I would like the blade shape. I finally broke down and bought one because of all the reviews I had read extolling it's virtues. Well, the reviews were right. It quickly became one of my favorite everyday carry knives.

  5. Jerry Jensen

    One of the best all round knives I’ve ever owned. It stayed in my pocket for a long time before it went into rotation. Love this blade

  6. Benjamin (verified owner)

    I prefer big knives like the Commander, so when I first received my Horseman in the mail, I thought I wasn't going to like it. The blade is much narrower on the Horseman than on my other Emersons,. But then I carried it for a few days and used it some and realized that the narrow shape is what makes this knife great. It takes up less room in the pocket, and that makes it a more convenient edc than the larger knives. It is quickly becoming my most carried knife.

  7. jolivares669 (verified owner)

    Bought this for my beautiful daughter . I added a green Ti shamrock thumb disc for style and luck .

  8. Marty (verified owner)

    At first if you received my Emerson Horseman I was very disappointed it took two hands to open the blade after breaking it in the knife now opens with ease and has become my go-to knife

  9. Martin melamed (verified owner)

    Got my knife last week very disappointed I have to reading all the reviews I found that my knife just didn't measure up I couldn't open it with one thumb and the clip was very tight and once the knife was opened the locking mechanism didn't work well I had to use key to push it over I tried silicone I tried graphite and to no avail very disappointed had to send it back to Emerson hope they either fix it or replace it

  10. Jonathan

    This is my go to knife. It is the perfect size for EDC. The ergos are perfect on it.

  11. krrmichaels

    I trust my 8 so much that i bought the mini for my wife to carry! stays in her pocket our purse at all times

  12. Joseph Matthews

    While I am a senior citizen I practice regularly with my Emerson's especially the CQC8.
    I would not want to be the attacker who too me being a senior citizen for granted
    Thank you Mr Emerson

  13. Jonathan Powell

    I love this knife. I find this blade shape to be excellent. I carry thsi knife most of the time and when I don't I am constantly missing it. I just wish that made one with out the wave. That would be cool.

  14. Jeremy Wright (verified owner)

    Like many out there I own a plethora of knives and carry them all. From inexpensive up to high dollar values, the list is extensive. My first Emerson was the Mach-1 and unfortunately was stolen from me. The ‘Horseman” is my favorite and my go to blade 90% of the time. It has been with me on various excursions and multiple deployments around the globe. The blade design is perfect in all aspects and handles any chore I place upon it and never complains. The lock up is solid with zero play in any direction. Sharpening is simple and takes little time. Once sharp it stays that way forever it seems. Ergonomics are something that Emerson, to me at least, has perfected over the competition. Blade steel is perfect, and one that I prefer over the other offerings out there. If something ever happens to my constant companion the “Horseman” here, you can bet your ass it will be replaced and continue to fill the role this one has filled.

  15. Jason

    I purchased the kryptek version of this knife with a black blade and the wave feature prior to leaving for Afghanistan. I chose this knife with the intention of using it both for utility and self-defense. It is an excellent knife. It's tough, well built and reliable. I rotate carrying this knife or my CQC-7 which I purchased nine years ago. I feel safe with either knife clipped to my right pocket and can count on it to almost always deploy at a moments notice because of the wave feature. The kryptek handles look awesome and add some sophistication to an otherwise rugged knife. It comes extremely sharp from the factory and the edge can be counted on to last. If you are looking for a good all around knife to carry discreetly in a hostile environment, this is it. It's small enough to discreetly clip to your pants pocket, but tough and just large enough to perform most utility functions and to serve as an excellent self-defense tool. As I've learned over the years from owning my CQC-7, Emerson knives stand the test of time and can always be counted on to do their job. They are worth every penny.

  16. Andy Troutt

    I love my horseman. Best all around utility pocket knife I've used. It has the perfect handle to prevent slipping, great blade shape, and is tough as nails.

  17. Bill Ruber

    I collect & carry knifes every day .This is my 1st Emerson as a police authority officer this knife is the best I have ever carried , I have packed Benchmade , Zt , Spyderco and many others .This Knife has everything I need in a duty Knife perfect balance in the hand , excellent cutting power for any task that may come about and most of all no nonsense durability. I will now buy many more Emerson's they are the Glock of folders tuff , dependable .

  18. Jon Svoboda

    I got this one on a whim from a private seller. I bought it with the thought that “If I don't dig it, I'll just unload it”. Well, that was some time last summer, and guess what ? It's still been in my pocket most days. Even the days I might carry something else for variety's sake, this one tags along anyhow. It's that good. During the winter months, it was pretty much my go to knife. I gave it some testing out with a few pairs of gloves (thick ones, thin ones, and ones in between), and I did not have one issue with deploying, unlocking, closing, and pocketing. It's very deceiving because of it's size, but it works so well with gloves. Cutting wise, it came through with flying colors, and tackled every chore I've asked of it. For a purchase on a whim, it's one that I've never regretted. For some of the folks that poo poo the knives, and the man whose name is on them, I'll just say that I think the man knows what he's doing when it comes to knife designing. All the attributes were well thought out for a knife of this size. If you're on fence on getting one, I'd say just give it a try.

  19. cr4ze_w0lfe

    Got mine today, one of the sharpest and cleanest edges on a knife I've had. Benchmade, ZT, spyderco, etc. This is great, perfectly centered and overall amazing. I'm buying more Emerson as long as it holds up. I also work with horses so I'll put this knife through some tests 🙂

  20. macstyle01

    a scaled down version of the cqc-8, the horseman is a great sized EDC… hightly recommended for those that found the cqc-8 a little too big for practical use…

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