12 customer reviews

The Mini CQC-7BW is the ultimate traveling companion. First developed as a direct result of overwhelming customer demand for a smaller pocket-sized version of the classic Emerson CQC-7BW. Featuring a blade under 3 inches, the Mini CQC-7BW can be carried safely in most regions on earth.


Earn 213 Rewards Points When You Order This Item.



12 customer reviews

The Mini CQC-7BW is the ultimate traveling companion. First developed as a direct result of overwhelming customer demand for a smaller pocket-sized version of the classic Emerson CQC-7BW. Featuring a blade under 3 inches, the Mini CQC-7BW can be carried safely in most regions on earth.



Earn 213 Rewards Points When You Order This Item.


The Mini CQC-7BW is the ultimate traveling companion. First developed as a direct result of overwhelming customer demand for a smaller pocket-sized version of the classic Emerson CQC-7BW. Featuring a blade under 3 inches, the Mini CQC-7BW can be carried safely in most regions on earth. From the hot dusty streets of Morocco to the footpaths of the Hindu Kush. From the subways of Paris to the crowded streets of New York, the Mini CQC-7BW is perfect for a simple everyday carry.

Disclaimer:  Customers should be aware that a blade length of under 3 inches is generally said to be legal in most places, and in most countries. Always be careful about carrying the knife in what could be considered a concealed manner. Always check with local authorities as to their own particular regulations concerning any knife that you may carry on your person.


Anatomy of an Emerson Knife


An important part of knowing the anatomy of an Emerson Knife is knowing how to utilize it. Using the  patented Emerson Wave Feature correctly, you can deploy the knife out of pocket rapidly. It takes some practice to master. See how it's done in the video above.


Emerson Knives is famous for our many Tanto style blades. One of our most popular Tanto models is the Bulldog, which is shown above. The profile is similar to that of a samurai's katana, because of its sharp angles and razor sharp edge. We refer to Tanto knives as having ‘B-Blades'.

Standoff Spacers have been standard on all Emerson Knife models since 2014. Any knife ordered from our site from that year will receive one of these models.

Anatomy of an Emerson Knife Lanyard

Lanyard Holes serve one purpose: attaching a paracord lanyard if you choose to get one. We get asked that question quite a lot!

The Thumb Button is there so that you may open the knife single handedly . Specifically with your thumb. Some people are naturals at it and some have to learn. Either way, it's very useful.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Material & Grind
GrindChisel Grind Tanto Style
Overall Length7.1 in.
Blade Length2.9 in.
Blade Thickness.125 in.
Weight4.5 oz.

12 reviews for MINI CQC-7BW

  1. Elias N.

    Fantastic knife for EDC. I've been really missing the tough built tool knives in the world of EDC lately. Seems like the industry is moving towards more flashy knives that hardly get used (nothing wrong with that just not my cup of tea), but this knife is 100% built to use and abuse. The G10 knurling is super grippy, the ergos are great and the blade is super solid, but despite it being a tool knife it came super smooth and well finished from the factory. It'll flick open with the best of them.

  2. st.madmatt (verified owner)

    This is in my opinion the PERFECT EDC knife! In the myriad of tactical and EDC knives out on the market, the MINI CQC 7BW provides its user with everything in a small pocket friendly package. When it came to debating of if I wanted the full size or mini CQC 7, it came down to the fact that I generally make use of pocket carry for my CCW, which meant that any knife I have will have to be regulated to the back pocket. The Mini CQC is small and narrow but the thickness is the same as the full size which means it still fills the hand even with the lesser length. The blade comes razor sharp and the wave can still be used in the back pocket. It handles all tasks without issue and yet would still provide defensive purposes if necessary. The profile of the blade and handle makes it very adaptable to a “foil” grip as well as a Filipino or saber grip. Absolutely love this knife!

  3. Ryan Liu (verified owner)

    Boy is this knife stout. It has a thick handle (relative to its overall size) equivalent to the full size CQC-7. Every piece of hardware is full sized, thickness (blade, handle, liners) remains the same as the full sized CQC-7. It's simply shorter and scaled down. And that's what I love about this knife. It packs a punch. I just ordered this knife a few weeks ago straight from this site and this is what you should expect for the newest models and later. (subject to change) Large, wide satin standoffs. Quite a nice surprise. Serious and I mean serious detent. Single detent. The entire portion of the detent ball that sticks out (half the ball) goes right into the detent hole. Really nice. Titanium liner (lock side) is very noticeably different in shade than the stainless steel liner. Stainless steel liner is satin, whereas the titanium liner is gray, not reflective, and a bit golden. Very smooth finish too, not polished. The word “Emerson” (vertically) on the pocket clip is physically engraved not laser printed. Parkerized finish on the clip. Dome pivot (opposite of flathead screw pivot). New Emerson logo on the blade has changed, the text is more rounded and wears off. My knife was new, but the a bit of the logo on the top was worn off. Those are the small details that usually change. Now onto the blade. Emerson makes beautiful blades, no doubt about it. The stonewash is absolutely stunning. It hides corrosion and wear marks well, but bear in mind it's only on the flats of the blade. So on the CQC-7s, it's entirely on the back of the blade since it's a full chisel grind and on the non beveled surface of the grind side. Chisel grind isn't on the “normal” side for a right handed knife. It's on the left rather than the right of the blade. Normally, the flat non beveled side would be resting on the surface you're trying to cut, allowing for super shallow and flexible cutting angles that is exactly equivalent to the the angle your hand is tilted at. When you are cutting straight down with a proper chisel grind knife, the material is being pushed out by the beveled side and at the same time drifting to the left, into the material. Keep in mind this is with a proper right handed chisel grind knife. Now why did Mr. Emerson choose to grind his chisel edges on the left hand side? For AESTHETICS, and originally to differentiate his chisel ground knives from Phil Hartsfield's (RIP), who recommended customers that wanted folders to him. Mr. Emerson isn't making practical slicers. He uses chisel grind because it's easy to sharpen in the field – only sharpen one edge and knock the burr off the other edge, and has less drag when cutting through material. People tend to box Emerson chisel ground knives with traditional chisel ground knives when both have completely different intentions. Emersons are straight to the point cutting tools that simply utilize the convenience of a chisel, nothing more to it. Traditional chisel ground knives are intended for the best cutting experience possible. While it wouldn't hurt to simply flip the grind on Emersons, it does take away on the aesthetics as a compromise. Would Mr. Emerson prefer aesthetics or specialty in slicing on a knife that wasn't intended for precision cutting? Definitely aesthetics. That makes Emerson knives very personal. They are built with intention, personality, and the designer's personal preference. It feels like the knife was made straight from the man himself because the entire design is by him and his own liking. Oh, and the chisel grind on the left side allows for incredible prying. Gripping the knife normally and turning your hand over, the flat side of the blade, now facing upward for prying has no bevels meaning the material being pried won't slip off. The angles on the beveled side facing the surface/ground will act as a pivot of a lever as you push down. Still use the right tools for the right jobs however. But it will certainly work in a pinch. Emerson's 154CM is intended to be an all around steel, for all environments. Decent edge retention. Easy to sharpen right back up. Good corrosion resistance. Excellent wear resistance/toughness. The low Rockwell heat treat is to reduce the chances of the blade breaking. A dull knife is still a knife, but a broken knife is not a knife. My Mini CQC-7 is dressed up in an Emerson skull bead lanyard on the locking side, and a rubber band on the non locking side. Reasoning for this is that if I were to conceal my knife, the lanyard would be hanging outside of my pocket easily assuming it's orientated to be waveable. It allows me to grab it quickly and draw it out. Here in NYC you cannot carry a knife with the clip visible. A lanyard will suffice. The rubber band is there for extra retention. By slipping my finger through the band, the knife would still be hanging from the rubber band on my fingers if my grip opens. And if the knife were to get caught in something and pulled away from me, the rubber band would break, saving me from a broken finger or worse. The wave feature is awesome, and the warranty rocks.

  4. Bill Hammer

    Not my usual EDC, but when I travel to cities with sub-3” carry law the mini-7 is best option.

  5. Jonathan

    I love this knife. It is small enough to carry at all times but big enough for most task. A lot of people complain about the Chisel grind because they haven't used it yet. It simply works. This is the knife I gave my nephew when he deployed.

  6. Jerry Jensen

    Bought my first one to carry in Europe, liked it so much I now own 3

  7. Larssons

    A great EDC, doesn’t draw attention but is up to the task, perfect size when you are among people who don’t
    understand the need of a knife.
    One of my all time favourites when it comes to daily carry.

  8. Mark

    I picked up the Mini CQC-7bw at Blade Show 2018 and new I had to buy it. It's small enough to carry for any occasion but rugged enough for everyday tasks. The deployment is smooth and fast whether you're utilizing the wave feature or the thumb disc. The G10 scales make for a secure grip and my blade was perfectly centered. This is a must-have for anyone who carries a knife daily.

  9. Larry

    My CQC 7 was my “grail” knife and I carried it everywhere,when I saw the mini version on Midway website I bought it immediately,It has been in my pocket ever since perfect working knife that is just the right size for me.

  10. Tayler cox

    This is the perfect EDC knife. It feels great in the hand and feels like it's made for hard labor. It's not too heavy and not to light. When you pick this thing up the first thing you thing about is how wellmade it feels. I highly recommend this knife. It's my new favorite and I plan on buying a few more.

  11. Keith

    I got mine used for $120, Perfect for every day carry. It goes everywhere I go. I also live in NY and have never had a problem carrying it with the pocket clip visible. Strongly recommend this knife to anyone looking for a daily carry folder.

  12. Milan Prilepok

    Perfect EDC Knife, my favourite

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