15 customer reviews


Earn 215 Rewards Points When You Order This Item.



15 customer reviews



Earn 215 Rewards Points When You Order This Item.



The Emerson CQC-7B is the ‘Waveless' version of our best-selling CQC-7BW. Featuring a piercing Tanto point and legendary Emerson Ergonomics, you won't find a better everyday carry.

The CQC-7 is by far the most sought after folding knife of all time. It is the razor sharp, chisel ground knife that has become the standard by which all hard-use folding knives are now judged. The CQC-7 is the knife that revolutionized the entire cutlery industry. Every knife company has their version of this CQC-7 knife but they fall far short when compared to the “real deal.” Now the CQC-7 knife is available from the originator, Emerson Knives.

Need it with our patented “Wave Feature”? Get one here.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Material & Grind
GrindChisel Grind
Overall Length8.0 in.
Blade Length3.3 in.
Weight5 oz.

15 reviews for CQC-7B

  1. mrmyron229

    Just got my CQC7 with Thunderstorm blade. Perfection really. Fit and finish are outstanding. Perfect for my daily carry.

  2. Daniel Rubin (verified owner)

    I really like the “waveless” cqc7, best edc knife.

  3. Barry

    I own 3 of these knives. The one that I carry most often is the black blade no serrations. I am a retired police officer who has carried many knives over the course of my career but always come back to this. Great blade and the grip fits my hand perfectly. Can do just about anything with this knife and I doubt that you could break it. Save your money and buy this knife instead of buying a bunch of cheaper ones. For the record , I don’t like the wave feature so that’s why I carry this one

  4. John Shin

    Love this tanto, its a great knife that can do everything and is reliable like all Emerson knives.

  5. James DiBella

    I own a CQC-7B SF. Hasn't let me down. I carry it quite often and I'm confident once it clips to my pocket that I have a tool I can depend on. The 154CM is tough steel and didn't have much wear on it after cutting through skateboard griptape to grip my friends deck. Yeah it has a couple scratches but the edge looks great. I keep it with a working edge and I am confident EKI will always be there to take care of me when I need maintenance done on my knife.

  6. K. Tierney

    Bought this exact knife for my wife when we first started dating 8 years ago. She still carries it every day!

  7. georgegould6.5

    I got one in 1997, half serrated no wave. I used the heck out of it for years it was my only carry. Until I got a Commander, and then an 8. I was out hunting with a buddy when it started snowing and somebody left a burnt radial tire on the path which left a bunch of wire. We wrapped that wire around our tire and axle. We got out a little while later, thanks to my 7a. I don't recommend cutting wire with a pocket knife, but it will do it when the chips are down. Yes, it needed some sharpening but was none worse for wear. I still have and use it.

  8. Darrell B

    I've been carrying a CQC-7 since 90s. My current one is 2001 model, pocket clip has gave up but not the blade or lock. My first one lasted until stolen on a deployment in 98. When I got back from it took quite a long time to replace…. tried few other knives none held up to same standard of quality that I could carry anywhere. I do like the change from torx to regular screwdriver head for adjustments for wear. Try finding a dang torx bit the correct size in middle of no where.

  9. DYLON (verified owner)

    I would like to thank you all at Emerson for a superior knife. I Carry 2 CQC-7 knives everyday off duty and carry a Mini CQC-7 At work with the Emerson opener. This is the only knife I have not found a way to break. I would trust my life with it and rely on it to save other lives if needed. I look forward to purchasing more of your knives and products in the future. From a Colorado copper to you thank you I will always have an Emerson in my pocket.

  10. James Layton

    As an Army Infantryman, I have gone through countless knives. I needed the best. On reputation alone I finally got an Emerson CQC7B, and I've not been disappointed! It's tough, and handles any task with ease. If you don't have one, get one. Only knife you'll ever need.

  11. Joel H.Cox

    I have owned one of these knives every since they first came out. I bought mine purely on the Emerson reputation. I remember his work from when he was with Benchmade. I'm sure that they wish that he was still employed there.

  12. anthony clark

    The #cqc-7 is as perfect as you could possibly get to perfection for a tactical combat knife period none better.

  13. Gene

    I purchased this knife purely on reputation after I handled one in a store. I carry the Spyderco Para-Military 2, which I consider to be a fine knife, but I have to say I am extremely impressed with the Emerson. I love the size of the blade, the handle provides for a solid grip, it has a very smooth action, I love the liner lock feature, and the quality is second to none. I'm looking very forward to using this tool for quite a while.

  14. macstyle01

    this is the non-wave version of the cqc-7… with or without the wave, this tactical folding knife is the perfect work-horse / EDC knife… I have one with wave and one without… and I also have the cqc-7v with wave…. all bad a** knives…

  15. D. Steiner

    When your life depends on your knife, you better have this one in your pocket! I bought my CQC-7 in 1997 on the advice of a Team-2 Frog who I worked with at China Lake. At first I was skeptical at spending 5 times more than the price of the good quality work blade (a Gerber) I had at the time, but after a couple days of badgering I ordered one. After it arrived I chuckled at the plain white box I unwrapped and really laughed when I found the 3 band-aid's packed along with the knife. Ed reassured me that the band-aids were for the amateurs and proceeded to prove the sharpness by slicing a sheet of paper cleanly in half. He then took my box cutter blade and with a new tip, only got through half the next sheet before it just tore. I was sold.
    I've carried the CQC-7 religiously ever sense, including 6 aircraft carrier deployments where it stayed in my FOD pouch every day- sun, rain and snow. Other than one chipped blade tip (totally my fault) that I needed to replace, this knife has performed flawlessly. A simple round diamond hone keeps the blade in top form, but I still send it in for a professional sharpening twice a year, when I can.
    the wave-shaped feature is a god send when I need to have the blade open and locked fast!
    This knife is up to any task you would expect for a fixed blade 50% larger. Over the years It has cut through 210,000 pound test nylon line and been soaked for days in salt spray. Whenever anyone asks what knife they should buy for daily use or life critical use I tell them the same thing “Get an Emerson CQC-7, You will never never regret spending the money! Just don't let your buddy borrow it, you may not get it back!”

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