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The Whiskey

Price $160

Very Limited Quantities Available
Hand Signed and Serialized

Production Knife and Whiskey

Price $499

Serialized 021 – 100


Custom Knife and Whiskey

Price $1,365

Serialized 001 – 020 only


Custom Knife and Whiskey Package

This package is a matched set limited to only 20 offerings. It consists of an Ernest Emerson, Handmade Special Custom Edition of the Emerson Bourbon Knife, paired with a serialized, matched bottle of Emerson Bourbon. The Bourbon Knife is completely handmade and hand ground by Ernest Emerson featuring stunning, highly polished, tank tread, titanium backspacers, highly polished liners, and hardware, all anodized to a brilliant golden finish. The handles are handcrafted white oak, fully stabilized and made from the origin barrel of the Emerson, First Run, Single Barrel Bourbon. Both knife and whiskey come with engraved copper plaques hand stamped by me to memorialize this beautiful and stunning pairing of fine cutlery and superb Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Serialized 001 – 020 only. 

Production Knife and Whiskey Packages

This is the first and only package of this kind that has ever been offered – an Emerson Knife, Emerson Whiskey Combination, that are both hand signed and with matching serial numbers. Each bottle of whiskey comes with a matching Emerson Company Made, finely crafted, Bourbon knife model made from the whiskey barrel staves of the origin barrel. Also included are matching copper, engraved and hand-stamped tags signifying and hallmarking the matched set combination. This is a strictly limited set – when they are gone, they are gone. 

Serialized 021 – 100


The Emerson family spent over two years in bringing this effort to fruition. I must say this involved a lot of dead-ends and quite a number of not so good whiskeys, and then, finally the stars aligned, and it was all truly worth the effort. We found it. This Kentucky straight bourbon is distilled at a legacy distillery located in the heart of bourbon country, Owensboro, Kentucky. Aged for four years in new, white oak, charred barrels, this whiskey has all the delectable tastes and charm so sought after by all bourbon enthusiasts.

This first offering from the Emerson family and the Emerson Whiskey Company is from a family selected single barrel run, and available in a limited hand signed and serialized edition, making it a unique package of a unique whiskey sure to satisfy the discriminating tastes of any sophisticated bourbon enthusiast. 

The tasting notes are – Hints of caramel and molasses, but not sweet.  A very subtle dash of smoked wood. A savory aftertaste and finish of crisp, Autumn, outdoor freshness.

The Bourbon Knife

I designed the Bourbon knife to be a model that reflects a true user and tradesman’s knife. I wanted something that could be used for a variety of working men's tasks. The knife had to be comfortable in the hand and of medium size, with a blade style and shape that could be used for the greatest variety of cutting chores. The knife had also to reflect the spirit and ethic of the American working man and woman, the kind of people that personify the American dream and those on whose backs the hard efforts, sacrifices and determination are what built this great country.

The knife features a Bowie style blade made from American 154 stainless tool steel and is heat treated to a hardness of 57-59 Rockwell, the best heat treatment for a real using man's knife. The frame is constructed of aerospace grade titanium for strength and durability, while not compromising lightness and rigidity, and best of all, the handles are made from the American white oak whiskey barrel staves that the whiskey was aged in for over four years. The wood has been fully stabilized, giving you a warm look, feel, and durability that will last for generations. The handles, all finished by hand, reflect the quality and attention to detail, upholding the solid reputation of American craftsmanship so sought after the world over. The Emerson Whiskey Company brand is burned into the handles of every knife, signifying its kinship to the bourbon whiskey with which it is joined in this matched, serialized and hand signed edition. Every knife is serialized to match a specific bottle of bourbon and hand signed by Ernest Emerson, and they are only available in this matched set, and in extremely limited numbers.

And best of all, as you've come to expect from the Emerson family, it's 100% made in America, right down to the last screw.

They Always Have Been, and Always Will Be.


Only one Whiskey Six package will be available and will go up for auction the end of May 2023. Serial number 0000. More information coming soon.

Auction Starts: Wednesday, May 31 – Auction Ends: Saturday, June 10, 12:00PM PST