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The Emerson CQC-7

The Tactical Knife That Started it all.

The Variations


Spear Point


Tanto Point

the emerson cqc-7

“The CQC-7 is by far the most sought after folding knife of all time. It is the razor sharp chisel ground knife that has become the standard by which all hard-use folding knives are now judged. ”

Size Matters

Mini CQC-7BW

Overall Length 7.2 in.
Blade Length 2.9 in.


Overall Length 8.0 in.
Blade Length 3.3 in.

Super CQC-7BW

Overall Length 9.15 in.
Blade Length 3.78 in.

Whether you are looking for an everyday carry that fits comfortably in the pocket, or a trustworthy tactical knife that will prove its worth in the field of combat, the Emerson CQC-7BW has a size that will fit your needs. The CQC-7BW has proven to be one of our most popular everyday carry tactical models to date.

Chisel Ground

As with all Emerson Knife Models, the CQC-7 features our classic chisel grind. The front side of the blade is beveled and sharpened to perfection and features a flat backside. This is our interpretation of an age old tool that performs brilliantly.

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Desert Series

The CQC-7V

The CQC-7V is a double V-Ground version of the Emerson CQC-7B. This beauty features striking, coarse, tan G-10 handles holding a dramatic stonewashed or black finish and a CQC-7 blade that is precisely ground on both sides, front and back, giving you a razor sharp cutting machine.

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The Flipper 7


Otherwise known as the Flipper 7, the CQC-7F is the latest evolution in the life of the Emerson CQC-7 Series. Featuring Ball-Bearings allowing for a lightning fast and smooth deployment. Just like the Emerson Sheepdog, the Flipper 7 features three opening methods: Wave Out, Thumb Out and Flip Out. Rapidly increasing in popularity, these bad boys go in and out of stock often.

Now offered in both 154CM and S35VN Blade Steel

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