The Emerson Balisong Series

The wait is finally over. The Emerson Balisong Series has finally landed. Available exclusively from our friends at Blade HQ, we are releasing four different models out into the wild. They include:

The Bali-Longhorse

The Bali-Longhorse is a traditionally designed balisong with a long, drop point blade. Featuring a simple and effective profile, the Bali-Longhorse is for anyone who wants that traditional butterfly knife feel.

The Bali-7T

The Emerson Bali-7T is a true Emerson knife. I know what you're thinking- Why would a balisong need the Emerson Wave Feature? The answer is that we included the wave feature to be used as it was originally intended- a Blade Catcher. The Bali-7T (Tactical) is an Emerson through and through.

The Bali-7F

The Bali-7F (Flipper) features the well known Emerson CQC-7B Tanto blade. It does not feature our wave feature so that you can flip and spin as you please. This was a highly requested version for the Emerson Balisong Series.

The Bali-Commander

The Bali-Commander is the flashier of the bunch. Featuring our iconic Emerson Commander blade, the Bali-Comm is sure to turn heads. It also features the Emerson wave feature, re-purposed as a blade catcher. These ones will go fast.


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