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Another One Bites The Dust!

We got Zarqawi and now the Russians got Shamil Basayev. Who is Shamil Basayev? For those of you who might not know, he was one of the world’s worst and evil men, a Chechen warlord terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of innocent victims. Let’s just look at the […]

The Tree Becomes a Forest

Recently, several military vets and social workers went to the San Diego Mosque to enlighten themselves about Islam by having a discussion with the Imam.  Their goal was to gain some insight into the current Religious/Political aspects of Islam; where they are separate, where they coincide, and how do Muslims view themselves in our Western […]

The Myth of “Moderate Islam”

I’ve always spoken to you straight from the hip.  I’m not scared or intimidated by anyone or anything. So, let me continue by stating the following.  “There is no such thing as “Moderate Islam.”  You are a true follower of the faith or you are not.  Islam is a cut and dried proposition.  It is […]