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The CQC-10 represents what I’ve always described as a straightforward, go-ahead design. It feels great in the hand and features a brutish spear point blade profile. This knife gained fame as the official, “Real” knife of H&K and is now in the hands of operators all over the globe. Emerson Knives now offers the CQC-10 directly. The only feature that has changed is the logo. This knife represents a great choice for both military and Law Enforcement because of its true utilitarian design. A great blade coupled with legendary Emerson ergonomics results in a knife that will perform – no matter what the task.

The CQC-10 features our Patented “wave shaped opening feature” or Remote Pocket Opener. In an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket.

Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate
154 CM Premium Blade Steel
Conventional V Grind


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    Great looking knife

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    My first Emerson, still getting used to the auto open feature. I carry it everyday, use it whenever needed. As ex military I find the quality top notch, considering that issued knives were never as good as this. Plain and simple… I LOVE this knife. A quick pull from your pocket (I’ve attached a lanyard) and it’s open and in combat ready.

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    I have three Emerson knives. Commander, CQC 14, and a CQC 10. I love my knives. My CQC 10 is a 2005 model that I bought brand new and carry every day. I use this knife for everything and would putnitnup against any other knife maker. I have owned several other high end to very high end knives but always go back to my CQC 10. Thank you for making such great knives.

  4. (verified owner):

    I own this knife and i must say it is one of my favorite in my Emerson collection, fits nicely in the pocket and in the hand, and came razor sharp, Emerson never lets me down. Keep doing what your doing.

  5. (verified owner):

    This is a phenomenal knife, a real utility design for sure. Its comes razor sharp and has nice backbone like all Emerson’s. It’s fairly lightweight for its size making it very pocket friendly. I’ve used this knife from basic taka to food prep for camping to fishing and on the trail. I like it so much i bought the stonewash and black version. Also, I added the emerson blue titanium standoffs to my black version and its absolutley sick!!!! Get one…or both!

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A great blade coupled with legendary Emerson ergonomics results in a knife that will perform – no matter what the task.

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