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Lethal Edge Lanyard
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Production Description

Why struggle to find you knife?

Keep your knife easily accessible with this functional accessory, the Lethal Edge Lanyard. The Lethal Edge Lanyard includes a pewter Emerson Trademarked Skull and is available in many colors. This accessory makes it much easier to grab your knife when your knife is in your go bag or deep in your pocket.

This lanyard is also great for women who may keep their knife in a purse or bag.

The Emerson Knives Pewter skull is included. Are you counting your sniper kills? or are you just bad to the bone? This skull works for both. Here is the infamous Emerson Skull in solid pewter. These are very, very cool.
This Lethal Edge Lanyard is Available in OD Green&Black, Black, OD Green,  Zombie Green & Black, and Tan

(knife not included)

We offer many Emerson Knives Brand knife accessories. To view more accessories go to http://emersonknives.com/product-category/accessories/knife-accessories/

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  1. (verified owner):

    I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but these seem to get in my way a bit, but they look great on them for sure!

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Lethal Edge Lanyard


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Lethal Edge Lanyard with Pewter Skull. Available in OD Green/Black, Black/Black or OD Green/OD Green (knife not included)

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