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We’re not easily impressed here at Emerson Knives, but these grippers stopped me dead in my tracks. I believe that they are such a valuable training tool that we decided to make them available to you.

There are few things that impress people more than a good strong grip. Well now here is a chance to see just how good your grip really is. We have found the ultimate in grip strength exercisers. These are not the cheap plastic handled exercise grippers that you got at your local sporting goods store. With these grippers you will not develop a strong grip…you will develop a crushing grip. They feature the toughest springs available in knurled aircraft grade aluminum handles. They are not toys. They are serious strength training tools meant for serious grip strength training. They are definitely not for the faint hearted.

I have been a serious athlete my entire life and I drove steel with a spike mall for several years as a gandydancer for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway. I have always prided myself on my grip. These grippers brought me to my knees.

If you are a climber, paddler, martial artist, wrestler, or participate in any sport where you have to hold a racquet, bat or club, then training with our program on these grippers is a must.

Shooters Take Note — You know how important grip and wrist stability is in either a tactical or competitive shooting scenario. You definitely need these grippers.

For more serious strength gear and a wealth of information for those who are willing to work hard to get strong, go to

How do you know which ones to start with?


Trainer @ 100 lb. — 2 to 3 Times stronger than grippers you have ever owned before
#1 @ 140 lb. — Stops most guys who lift weights
#2 @ 195 lb. — Rarely closed
#3 @ 280 lb. — Only closed by about 75 men in the world
#4 @ 365 lb. — Fully closed by only one man under authenticated conditions

On a very serious note, if you are ever involved in a life or death struggle where the only difference between life and death is your hold on someone or something, then you better get with this program.

Click here for a sample training routine


Come up to our booth at any knife show and win a free knife. All you have to do is;

Fully close a #3 gripper and win an Emerson production knife.

Fully close a #4 gripper and win a free Emerson handmade custom knife. Valued at up to $3000.00.

This challenge is only available in person at our booth. You have to come to a show where we are attending. It is the only place we offer the challenge.


1. The handles have to touch to be closed.
2. Your hand has to be free and clear – not touching any part of your body or any other object.
3. You really have to want one of these knives.

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    i ordered this to improve my grip. The first time i used it i closed it 4-5 times, i thought this is not hard. i read the instructions and followed the plan it works great. i have found no one to go t 3 rounds of 10 fully closed. great item plan to move up to higher strengths. going for 365lbs.

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These grippers stopped me dead in my tracks. I believe that they are such a valuable training tool that we decided to make them available to you.

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