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Emerson Knives, Inc. is proud to introduce the next generation of EDC multitools. Once again, built by Multitasker in their offshore plant, this model EDC-2 comes to you in a simple elegant iteration that gives you just what you need, nothing more. This model is a slimmer, trimmer version since we eliminated the wrench feature and it now comes in 2 different colors Tan and OD Green to suit any of your tastes. And it is now much more affordable, being offered to you at the base price of $134.95. These are great to carry, keep in your pack or the glove box of your car for the time that you may need it. At this price you can’t afford to caught without one.
Blade length is 2.7″. a heavy duty Phillips #1 screwdriver,
An AWL punch and scraper
Weight isĀ 5.3 ounces
440C (black oxide finish)
Beefier Phillips screwdriver (between No. 1 and No. 2)
Slimmed down slotted screwdriver (fits the OLDERS EMERSON pivot screws!)
New pocket clip (2 extra set screws, not compatible with EK-1)
Tan and OD Green G10 scales
Plain edge and partially serrated blade versions


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  1. (verified owner):

    This is a very well-executed tool. It’s like a combat “Swiss Army” knife without all the cheesy European bells & whistles. I shouldn’t be surprised at the quality, but I am. Fit & finish is pretty incredible for a foreign made tool. Mr. E wouldn’t collaborate with MT Tools unless he trusted their quality. The 440c blade came with a perfect edge grind, like a razor. The overall manufacture & fit of each tool component is great. Everything is perfectly aligned & opens, locks & closes like it should. This truly is a tactical folder “plus” a few really good extras. I’ve been on an Emerson kick, getting back to basics. I’m tired of industry gimmicks like assisted opening. I grew up with the Emerson cqc7 being the perfect EDC blade, long before me or anybody knew what “every day carry” meant. Emerson blades have always functioned flawlessly & I had to get this EDC2 tool more out of curiosity than anything else. I’m pleased enough that I’ll be ordering a 2nd tool as a backup or a gift.

    I’m happy with my knife & the shirts I ordered as well. Tall & big guys take note, Emerson apparel is well made AND fits perfectly for we who are 6’4″+ & in the 300lb range. It’s worth thew few extra bucks to find T’s that are true 3x or 4x sizes that are plenty long for tall people. Emerson customer service & shipping was super fast & clean.

    I’m glad I went back to the Emerson brand after spending lots of money on expensive knives by other American brands that have fallen from grace in the past decade.

    Emerson knives are reliable, period. I don’t care that my baby cqc7 has a rough-looking thumb ramp. I don’t care that Emerson still uses “old school” liner lock technology & not the latest spring loaded ambidextrous lock pin. I do care that I can invest $200 on an Emerson, (or Emerson-designed collaboration) & inherently trust its function & overall construction.

    The EDC tool really fits into the Emerson line nicely. It fits into my pocket nicely as well.

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EDC-2 Multitool

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Emerson Knives, Inc. is proud to introduce the next generation of EDC multitools.

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