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The Emerson CQC-7BW was directly modeled after the classid CQC-7B- we just added our Signature ‘Wave Feature’.  This CQC-7BW knife has all of the qualities that have made it the legendary knife that it has become, with the added bonus of having a lightning quick opening.

Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate
Aerospace grade Titanium
154 CM
Black or Satin Finish
‘B’ Blade – Chisel Ground Tanto Style
Overall Length 8.0 in.
Blade Length 3.3 in.
Handle Length 4.65 in.
Blade Thickness .125 in.
Hardness 57-59 RC
Weight 4.0 oz.

The CQC-7BW features our Patented “wave feature”. In an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket.

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    While the ultimate classic tactical folder, the CQC-6, will never be available as a production knife, the CQC-7 provides many of the design features that make the 6 so great. The blade shape allows for slicing with the long, flat main bevel, pull cutting with the secondary point (where the long straight grind meets the tip grind), and stabbing/penetrating cuts with the thick, perfectly ground tanto tip. The swedge on top allows this tanto tip to retain its stock thickness and integrity, while penetrating easier with less resistance. The handle design may look simple and straight forward, but it actually has that ergonomic shape that has made Emerson so famous (those “Emerson ergos”), and is comfortable in any grip (forward/sabre or a reverse grip for a defensive/combat slashing cut). The CQC-7BW has the Wave feature, which allows the knife to be opened as it is drawn from the pocket, a crucial feature in an emergency situation, or when the user’s other hand is occupied/in use/injured/otherwise inaccessible. Add all of this to the superior materials (titanium, G-10, heavy duty hardware), and the sum total is the ultimate tactical folder.

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    The CQC7 is an incredible knife, simply put. I’ve owned mine since 2005 and has seen two combat tours in Iraq, and spent nearly five years at sea. It’s a bit weathered now, from being exposed to some of the harshest environments, but still holds a nearly razor sharp edge, unlike some of the better known brands, that break, chip, bend, and so on, under normal use. I’ve been meaning to send it in for some TLC, as a small kink has developed on the blade, however I cannot bring myself to part with it for any amount of time, or at least until I can find a suitable temp. All in all, Emerson Knives are the best and they live up to their claim of being the “#1 Hard Use Knife in the World”.

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    I cannot put it better – the CQC7 truly is an incredible knife. Even under incredible abuse, this knife rebelliously refuses to break, bend, chip, fall-apart, or malfunction in any way. The non-spring assisted nature of the Wave deployment is amazing – it doesn’t stop working – ever, and the single-hand, single-step draw/deployment has saved my ass more than a few times.

    I’ve been a proud owner of this knife for 4 years. It has become indispensable to me. No matter what the occasion calls for the quality of workmanship and materials has proven itself over and again.

    I recently lost my knife and I cannot begin to describe the angst it caused. I spent a week agonizing over its disappearance and the feeling of nakedness not having it on me. There’s a deep sense of loss as this knife carries the scars of many memories and has been a strong leading character in my life story. I caved after a week and purchased a new one – but I still hope my original turns up.

    I will likely carry a CQC7BW to my grave – and gift many many more in my life-time. Ladies, be sure to check out the MINI CQC7BW

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    What is not to love…..this knife is my 3rd Emerson CQC-7 series. Built like a tank, pure function, only other knife that might compare are the Grayman Folders.

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    dollar for dollar, ounce for ounce, possibly one of he best tactical folders ever created…

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    I’m a D.C. Police officer and have owned and used this knife now for a little over a year. I carry it every night on patrol. It is the best knife out on the street, period. I’ll never use anything other than an Emerson. When I see other officer’s knives and compare the quality, function, and overall toughness, I always tell them the same thing, “Do yourself a favor. Get an Emerson.”

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    Just got my CQC-7W BTS. I’ve never held a more ergonomic knife! This thing is so solid!! It feels like an extension of my hand. This is my first Emerson and I did a lot of research before finally “pulling the trigger” on this model. I’ve already asked my wife for a mini-commander for our anniversary. Then if I’m lucky enough I’ll get my hands on the newly found SPECWARs for sale! Thank you Mr. Emerson and crew for making such a perfect knife for all of us serious collectors and hard use patriots out there!! Keep it up!!

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    Best knife ever. I think even better than my original Bob T that I had stolen from me.
    I have carried my cqc7 wave since arounnd 2006. It has been used to dig up IEDs, gut and clean countless things, and has earned the nickname ” the key” as it has opened everthing you can think of. The blade has been replaced twice. Once from using it as a step ladder to climb a wall , and once from cutting through a live power cable to kill the power.
    After all that we have been through , I finially lost it while climbing over a train. Bad day for me and everyone around me, to say I was underjoyed is an understatement.
    My buddy supprised me with a new one and all is good . Olny draw back is that it doesn’t have the wave feature , something that I feel is a must. I’ll be dropping emerson a note to see if they will swap the blade before I use it.

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    My lock and blade had had somehow became loose sent in it in and turn around was 2 weeks the only thing I had to pay don’t know what it was but they fixed It I don’t use it it’s my defense weapon. It’s my favorite knife of any and all it I were left with a choice I had a plain blade one as well but was in a bad motorcycle accident 3 months ago I totaled my harley and when paramedics cut my pant off that’s last I seen of it the police said he turned it in to hospital security and said that they don’t have it so who knows anyway thanks for repair guys n girls at emerson knives.

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This CQC-7BW  has all of the qualities of it’s predecessor, the CQC-7B, that have made it the legendary knife that it has become, but now with the lightening quick “wave feature”.

Do you need a full Left-Handed version of the Emerson CQC-7BW? Get one here. 

Available with both black and stonewashed blades.

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