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Production Description

The piercing point of the CQC-7 and the graceful cutting efficiency of the Commander – this is what you get with the CQC-15. This knife with a comfortable, secure, ergonomic handle gives you the best of both worlds. The CQC-15, called the Tant-Com is truly one helluva knife. It features a tanto/recurve blade combo that suits its use in any environment, from the boardroom to the deployment staging area. This knife has already hit the streets of Baghdad and has been moving quick and quiet. The CQC-15 Tant-Com is a sturdy, aggressive knife that will definitely get you out of a jam if you ever need it.

Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate
Aerospace grade Titanium
154 CM
Black or Satin
Conventional V Grind
Overall Length 8.9 in.
Blade Length 3.9 in.
Blade Thickness .125 in.
Hardness 57-59 RC
Weight 4.8
The CQC-15 features our Patented “wave shaped opening feature” or Remote Pocket Opener. In an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket.

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  1. (verified owner):

    This was my first Emerson knife purchase. If you are looking for the perfect EDC/Tactical knife. Look no further. The recurve/tanto point is the best looking functional design I have ever come across. I also got mine with serrations to have that ripping power if i need it. Best knife made by Emerson hands down.

  2. :

    Simply the best knife I’ve ever owned or carried. The blade lives up to the Emerson reputation for strength and ability to keep an edge. My favorite characteristic though is that the ergonomics are simply amazing! Love the feel of the handle and the ridges on the back side of the wave hook that keep your thumb in place. All of that in a knife that is still a size and weight to be carried comfortably everyday regardless of my location.

  3. :

    I’ve only had this tool for a short time and it smokes any Bench made I have ever had in my hands. Brilliant knife.

  4. :

    This Emerson was my second one and it did not disappoint it is a grand slam of a knife, and like all Emerson Knives come razor sharp and feels like it was made for my hand,i will definitely order more knives form this company.

  5. :

    I’ve had two 15’s, sold the plain edge and currently have a Black serrated model. One of my favorites…but I honestly believe this model is screaming to go Giant Sized. I can totally see this with a massive 4.4″ blade.

  6. :

    I proudly own four Emerson knives. I never leave home without a Super CQC-7 in my pocket. I don’t even go out to my mailbox or cut my lawn without one of my Emersons on me. I daily carried an Emerson CQC-7 and then a Super CQC-7 for nearly two decades before I retired from the military. It was my war folding knife.

    The previous poster, Blakecb posted that this knife needs to go Giant (or UBER) size. I could not agree more.

    Mr. Emerson, your website correctly touts this knife as the best of both the UBR Commanders recurved blade cutting power, and the Super CQC-7 tanto piercing point. Absolutely correct, but it smaller than the Super or UBER Commander. To truly be the best of both, the CQC-15 needs to be a SUPER UBER model, 4.5″ blade. The CQB-15 Tant-Com blade is the perfect design. Best of both blades and sacrificing nothing in blade design, except size. Please make a BIG Brother of this BEST of everything knife. Black blade, partially dragon teeth serrated edge, wave feature of course, I would stand in line for it. No fancy handle needed, but fine if you offer that, Black G-10 scales are perfect for hard work. This would be the ultimate WAR knife. Or cut your way through hell knife. To borrow from a movie, with this blade super sized uber blade, if you meet the devil himself, the devil would be cut. I believe you’d sell a lot of 18 wheeler tractor trailer loads of them.

  7. :

    I have a few emerson models, a cqc 13, etak, and the combat karambit. This is by far my favorite one! I have the stonewash with serrations. Plan on getting another one and I like it so much that I wish there was a super or an ubr version of this knife cuz I would have one or two of those as well this is hands down my favorite emerson knife and it is my favorite knife in the entire collection I have. Lets make a big brother for this guy!

  8. :

    I have quite the collection of emersons. This has to be the best it is definitely my favorite. Cant agree more where’s the super cqc 15?!?!?!

  9. :

    This is a very good knife with a blade universal form. This is my favorite!
    Why this model is now available with the bones instead of a spacer? What is the reason this structural change?
    The previous version with the spacer I like more.

  10. :

    This has been riding in my pocket for the last 2 years. I never go anywhere without it. Its been with me all over on my travels and every day life. Even has been confiscated at the Empire State Building in NYC. Who knew your couldn’t carry a knife in there? Anyway It has surpassed any and all tasks I have put it up to. I have cut and stabbed things that would have destroyed any other knife. This knife has done things from fixing fire trucks to responding on emergency calls with me on a daily basis. Its not just a knife, its a life long companion. Just a great knife.

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The Tant-Com is truly one helluva knife. It features a tanto/recurve blade combo that suits its use in any environment, from the boardroom to the deployment staging area.

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