Limited Edition La Griffe

Tungsten Grey La Griffe

For Very Limited Time, Emerson Knives has La Griffe Knives available in
Tungsten Grey, Pink and Zombie Green.

The La Griffe (claw) comes from Europe. It is a design from noted French knife maker Fredric Perrin. We are proud to introduce Mr. Perrin, a veteran of the French Army and expert in survival under extreme conditions. He has designed a knife that is the epitome of simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. It is used by military and police operators throughout the world and is widely used in the open ocean fishing fleets of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. With the addition of the new variation, the WWR model, it is now the perfect emergency companion for climbers, kayakers, and white water rafters.

Comes with Sheath 

*Designed by Fred Perrin
Mr. Fred Perrin is one of the world’s premiere “real world” fighting instructors. This fact is directly reflected in his bare bones no-holds barred style of knife making. His attitude and philosophy have propelled him to design some of the best and most affordable combat knives in the business. Fred comes from a diverse background of French Military Special Forces service and a life long study of martial arts and weapons systems. He is a highly sought after instructor in Europe and a highly recognized and respected knife maker to those who use and carry knives in high risk environments. We are very proud to produce one of Fred’s most innovative and effective designs – the La Griffe.


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