What is the Wave feature and how do I use it?

The Emerson “wave shaped feature”, also called the remote pocket opener, is the most dynamic and advanced feature ever designed for folding knives. This device allows you to open the knife literally, as it is removed from the pocket. This makes any Emerson Knife with the “wave shaped feature” the fasted deploying knife in the […]

Sharpening an Emerson Knife Using a Fixture

I frequently get emails and phone calls about using a sharpening tool, fixture, or gadget to sharpen an Emerson knife.  The first question that is always asked is this, “What is the angle on the edge of an Emerson Knife?”  Well I’m going to be real frank with you.  I don’t know.  I think it […]

What are the properties of the finish you use on your knives?

We are currently using what is called a ceramic finish on our blades. The trade name is Cerracoat. It is used on automotive parts like racing headers. This baked on finish provides good corrosion resistance and high lubricity. it is hard and durable yet it will still scratch just like the blued surface of a […]

How can you use Titanium for a knife blade?

Titanium is not a usual material for a knife blade. It is not hard like knife steel and will not hold an edge. However, Titanium does possess some outstanding properties that steel does not. Titanium is virtually unbreakable. It is extremely lightweight with a superior strength to weight ratio, that is better than steel. Titanium […]

What about items that are out of stock?

Please be aware that my company operates on a business program modeled after Rolex watches. More hands-on labor goes into the crafting of our knives than any other company in the cutlery industry. We don’t have assembly lines. We don’t have our knives made overseas. We don’t have parts made overseas and shipped here for […]

How will the production knives affect your custom work?

It has had a tremendous effect on my custom work and has tried the patience of everyone who has custom orders with me. Fortunately, the vast majority of my customers have understood the situation and are waiting patiently for their custom orders, and I thank them all for that. Very few people ever get the […]